iPage vs the Competition

When it reaches choosing the best website hosting company, some of the key determinants are the performance and reliability, customer support, price of its plans and what its customers reviews. Hostgator, pretty much like iPage, has its team of ardent subscribers who feel satisfied with its web hosting services.

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However, just because someone has recommended Hostgator or iPage for your website doesn’t mean you should go right ahead and choose it. Sure, the two are among the most prominent web hosting providers around the globe and together boast millions of subscribers. But if I were you, perhaps a new entrant in this world of web hosting, I’d better take any advice with a pinch of salt until I’ve done thorough research.

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Regarding the raging debate between Hostgator and iPage, let’s see which of them is worth using to host on your website’s performance and profitability.

Performance: Uptime and Reliability

Straight off, Hostgator maintains an uptime of 99.99% throughout the year. It is probably the only one who maintains an uptime that’s perpetually above the industry average, although iPage also delivers a near-similar experience using their Core i7 processors.

The reason why Hostgator is arguably the best hosting provider is down to its facilities. It has a multi-million dollar, a state-of-the-art data center with Dual Xeon server in Dallas. The servers are connected to 10 backbone providers and over 12,000 servers in Houston and every year, HostGator invest millions of dollars in new technologies that keep them on top of their game.

But you can’t trust one of them based on its uptime alone. Speed testing is the best way of telling whether a given hosting provider is reliable or not. With that said, a website hosted on Hostgator loads in under a second, unlike its nemesis’ 1.9 seconds. The same was true on Response times and GtMetrix benchmark tests, whereby Hostgator websites had a better response time in a span of 30 days and better loading time compared to that of iPage.

Customer support

Being yet another critical factor, a vibrant and reliable customer support service can surely earn one more subscriber. Fortunately, both hosting providers have excellent support departments.

iPage has quite a reliable online help center where one can lodge a complaint via phone, ticketing system and live chat as well as a knowledge base. Hostgator also have a fully-reliable email/ticket system, phone support, and live chat, plus a knowledge base that has hundreds of tutorials.

Plans and Pricing

With as little as $3.45/month, Hostgator can host your website or blog. However, you will have to choose one from the three; Hatchling, Baby, and Business plans, though all have superior features. On top of this, Hostgator offers a risk-free, 45-day money-back guarantee.

iPage has only one web hosting plan, known as Essential Plan. It costs a mere $2.25/month, but comes with a host of goodies, including one free domain, lots of premium freebies and a 30-day money-back guarantee. At the moment, there’s a $1.99/month offer!

The User Interface – Control Panel

It is safe to say Hostgator’s cPanel is the industry’s benchmark. It is simple, user-friendly and offers everything on a single click. iPage comes with no cPanel and only use their clean and easy-to-navigate control panel. This, despite being a non-issue, is a demerit as it never gives you maximum authority over it. That’s why I’d recommend Hostgator from its sleek cPanel.


The real winner here isn’t a surprise, whether you’ve gone through this review or not. Hostgator’s reputation is hard to match, even when nearly all of iPage’s features are excellent.