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PureVPN Coupon 2018

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PureVPN Coupon 2017 – top purevpn coupons and discounts 2017. Save big with purevpn using these purevpn coupon codes.

VPN service providers have been rapidly growing over the last few years, but majority focus on personal use leaving out those businesses that would like to use Fast VPN. However, do you know that PureVPN offers VPN packages for both personal and business use? PureVPN is a popular VPN provider largely due to its unique features and services. A Hong Kong-based company that started as an experiment in 2006 has grown from humble beginnings that only featured 2 locations in 2007 to a VPN industry leader with over 500 servers in 141 countries. The main differences between PureVPN and other VPN providers include the presence of self-managed global network and self-engineered VPN service and apps for the fastest speeds when downloading, streaming and browsing. The self-engineered VPN network provides the highest level of security protecting you from ISPs monitoring, hackers, and Geo-tagging by third parties.

PureVPN Coupon 2017

Why Choose PureVPN?

One of the PureVPN competitive advantages is the fact that it is in complete control of its networks and apps, which mean that you can trust them when they say that they do not log your online activities, as there are no third parties involved. Another reason why PureVPN is unique is the presence of a wide range of handy features for a complete online freedom with greater experience.

PureVPN Features Review

PureVPN features include connectivity features, security and privacy features, and entertainment features. The PureVPN entertainment features are engineered to help boost up your streaming speed and defeat your ISP speed throttling for safe and secure entertainment. The VPN application comes preloaded with Smart Purpose Selection feature for quick and easier access to your favorite content. The VPN servers have no cap, which means that you can enjoy browsing without any ISP throttling.

The connectivity features include self-engineered softwares and apps that support every major platform including Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Mac. PureVPN is also compatible with over 20 devices that include routers, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, SmartTV, Consoles, Desktops and Laptops among other smart devices. Furthermore, PureVPN also provides every single account holder with 5 multiple logins for complete freedom on every device without server switching limitation.

The PureVPN security and privacy features offer you complete peace of mind from identity theft and hacking. Some of the features include 256-bit data encryption, automatic protocol selection, dedicated IP, internet kill switch, DDoS protection, NAT firewall and over 80000 IPs among others.

PureVPN Subscription, Prices, and Discounts

PureVPN has two types of subscription that include personal and business offers. The PureVPN personal subscription is available in three packages that include monthly, two years and six months subscription. The prices of the packages include $10.95 per month for a monthly plan, $10.95 per month for a two years plan and $8.95 per month for a six months plan. However, with PureVPN coupons you can save up to 78-percent for a 2-year plan to pay $2.45 per month. For other plans, PureVPN coupons give you double the subscription package. If you buy a one-month plan, you get another month free, which is also the case with a 6-month plan.

The PureVPN business subscription is available in four plans that include standard, enhanced, pro and custom billed in either monthly or annual subscription. The standard plan comes with 5 VPN accounts, enhanced comes with 10 VPN accounts, and pro comes with 15VPN accounts. The plans cost $24 or $49, enhanced $43 or $99, pro $84 or $179 per month billed monthly or annually. The custom package is highly flexible and depends on the business unique requirements.