Eat from the Pantry Challenge – Week 3 Wrap Up

Eat from Your Pantry Challenge

We are over half way through the Eat From Your Pantry Challenge and I have to say I am really impressed with how we have been doing so far.  Yes I still go to the store, but I have been spending so much less than usual.  Through organizing my pantry and freezer I have found [Read On]

Eat from Your Pantry – Week 2 Update

I am very proud of how we did this week.  We didn’t completely stick with our menu plan (my dad was sick on his birthday, some menu items were switched between days) but I did not go shopping at all during the week!  I am still finding more and more pantry and freezer food that [Read On]

Eat from Your Pantry Challenge | Week 1 Wrap-Up

Even though I am not technically a full week into the challenge, this is the first Sunday in February so I figure I should still post my progress.  It has been fun coming up with recipes with what we have on hand.  I have learned that I really need to organize my freezer and make [Read On]

Eat from Your Pantry Challenge

I have been getting so frustrated every time I check out at the grocery store.  I go with a list, yet I always seem to spend more than I anticipated.  We have a decent pantry and freezer “stock pile” at home and I really need to start to utilize it more. It is for those [Read On]

Italian Wedding Soup

It is snowing here again so I thought I would make Italian Wedding Soup. It is such a great comfort food: soup, pasta, and meatballs all in one! Meatballs:* You can make these just as you would any meatball. This is what I had on hand.nocoupons 10 oz. ground beef 1/3 cup Italian bread crumbs [Read On]

Menu Plan- Week 3 of Pantry Challenge

We didn’t do a much better job sticking with the menu plan last week then we did the week before. But, we did MUCH better with eating from the pantry and spending less at the store (we spent 1/3 of what we did the previous week). I thought I would fall into a rut eating [Read On]

Food Waste Friday

It has been a loooooong time since I have posted about my food waste. I confess that when I don’t post about it, I don’t do very well either. By having a day each week designated as a “food waste” day, I am more diligent about looking at what we have in the fridge. With [Read On]

Chicken Paella

The hubs and I were watching the Rachael Ray show a while back and she was making a quick and easy version of paella. I love paella but since the hubs hates seafood and is usually adverse to trying anything new, I just always assumed he would hate it. So to my surprise he said, [Read On]

Menu Plan Monday

Well, this last week I didn’t do a great job sticking with the menu plan. With hectic schedules, sometimes it just doesn’t work out as we plan. But, I did a semi-decent job of making changes to meals we could make out of the pantry rather than going to the grocery store. I have tried [Read On]

Mom’s Fruity Muffins

Mom always makes these at the holidays. But not just the winter ones. We would also have them on the morning of the 4th of July before we headed out to watch the parade. They are absolutely wonderful and nutritious!! I have made a few adjustments of my own, but it is still her recipe [Read On]