About Me

1x1.trans About Me
My name is Amanda- I am a mom and lawyer learning to cope with life in the current economy while trying to stay green. I am learning to balance the jobs of mother, wife, chef, and lawyer. Our daughter “Big Sister” is 3 going on 10.  She is seriously the smartest and funniest kid I have ever met.  Our son “Baby Brother” was born on February 18, 2013 and makes my heart melt every time I snuggle him.
I love to cook and am trying my best to do so as healthy as possible with a a beef and potato husband. Through this blog I love to teach that you can be green and eat organic without breaking the bank.
Big Sister is our 3 year old daughter. She is the love of my life, my best friend, and the topic of many of my blog posts.
Baby Brother is the apple of Big Sister’s eye and the spitting image of my husband.  I love to watch him learn and grow every day.
1x1.trans About Me
Turk is our wonderful chocolate lab. He joined our family right before our wedding at only eight weeks old. He is still a big old puppy but he loves his monkey girl and is her biggest protector!
If you have any items you would like myself or any of my family to review and showcase to my readers feel free to contact me!