Bring Fun back to Fashion with Clawz Shoes {plus giveaway}

My {almost} 4 year old daughter loves shoes as much as I do.  She also loves playing outside and getting dirty and much as her daddy does.  And she LOVES playing make-believe.  One of her favorite games recently is playing monster.  Usually the adult is the monster, but every so often she decides she wants to be scary.  For all of these reasons, I was so excited for the opportunity to review Clawz Shoes.

1x1.trans Bring Fun back to Fashion with Clawz Shoes {plus giveaway}

Clawz Shoes are brightly colored molded slip-on shoes that are squishy soft, comfortable and made with a material that repels odor and molds to the shape of your child’s foot as they wear them.  They feature a solid rear strap that can be secured in the back or folded up easy for slipping on and off.  A cushioned heel support with ergonomic fit and come in a range of colors – lime, blue, pink, orange, black and white.  While my daughter is the only one in the family currently sporting this great footwear, they are available for toddlers, kids and both adult men & women.

1x1.trans Bring Fun back to Fashion with Clawz Shoes {plus giveaway}

When purchasing these shoes, make sure to check out the sizing chart.  There are great directions of how to measure your child’s foot to get the correct fit.  My daughter was just *barely* at the size 9/10.  I didn’t want her to grow out of them right away so that is the size we picked.  The back strap isn’t adjustable so there is some movement right now when she wears them but she still loves them and will be able to enjoy them for a long time!

1x1.trans Bring Fun back to Fashion with Clawz Shoes {plus giveaway}

Clawz are great in the fact that they wipe away clean with just soap and water!  They’re easy to walk in too with a regular sole, the toes are just high up giving them a fierce & funky look. A great pair of fun shoes for the child who loves something unique, wild and fun!

Discount! Want a pair? Use coupon code: coping30 for 30% off your Clawz, so $29.99 becomes $9.00 off or $20.99, and $24.99 gets $7.50 off or $17.50. Free shipping on orders over $45, so grab two! This coupon will expire May 20, 2014 so don’t wait long.

WIN! One Coping with Frugality reader will win a pair of Clawz of their choosing. Enter through the form below.

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  1. Anne perry

    I’d pick the lime.

  2. Sandra VanHoey says:

    I’d choose blue

  3. I would pick the black Clawz, if i win.

  4. Marti Tabora says:

    I think I would choose the black ones, although I kind of like the orange ones too! Thank you.

  5. Katie Klein says:

    I would get lime! Fun color for fun shoes.

  6. Love the blue

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