Ninja Ultima Blender | Gift Guide Review

1x1.trans Ninja Ultima Blender | Gift Guide Review

I have always purchased “basic” blenders and while they worked ok they didn’t really have the power I needed for anything beyond a basic sauce or smoothie.  They definitely couldn’t crush ice.  I recently received a Ninja Ultima Blender for review, and I am so in love with it!

I have learned that you really get what you pay for with blenders.  My previous blenders probably cost around $40 and that is about all the value I got out of them.  The Ninja Ultima Blender starts at $259.99 retail value and is SO worth it!  Especially considering the price of similar competitive brands. It works so well! I started out making a homemade “slushie” for my sick daughter. The Ninja Ultima offers 10 different speeds and it powered through the ice like nobody’s business!

1x1.trans Ninja Ultima Blender | Gift Guide Review

What sets Ninja apart is the blade design.  You have blades going all the way up the pitcher to truly pulverize and mix whatever you throw in there.

1x1.trans Ninja Ultima Blender | Gift Guide Review

The Ninja Ultima Blender also comes with single-serve cups that are perfect for on-the-go smoothies. I have really taken advantage of this feature to start eating nutritious yet quick “on-the-go” breakfasts.  I can load in a bunch of spinach or kale and the Ninja blends it so smooth you would never know!  Each cup holds 16 oz., so I can make a smoothie for myself in the blender, take off the blade lid and put on the sip and seal lid, and it’s instantly a to-go cup. You don’t have to make the awkward transfer to a glass, which always seems to end up with some sort of smoothie mess on the counter.

The only problem I have is figuring out where to store this awesome machine.  The blender is tall and slender with a very large base, which means that the generously sized, 72-once pitcher might not fit under most cabinets.

For more information about the Ninja Ultima, follow Ninja on Facebook and on Twitter.

1x1.trans Ninja Ultima Blender | Gift Guide Review

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