Stylish and Affordable Glasses from

1x1.trans Stylish and Affordable Glasses from

I learned that I needed glasses in law school.  We had one professor that actually still used an overhead projector rather than PowerPoint.  I kept thinking that she didn’t focus it right but one day I totally couldn’t read what she had projected.  I was about to raise my hand and ask her to focus it when I said something to my friend sitting next to me.  Turns out my friend saw it clear as day.  My eyes were what were out of focus, not the overhead projector!

Throughout the rest of law school my prescription would change (get worse) each year.  I think it came from all the intense reading we had to do.  Since law school I have continued to get annual eye exams, but my prescription has only changed slightly.

Even though my prescription is not changing, I still like to get a new look with different frames.  The problem is that the frames can get quite expensive, especially if I am purchasing them through my eye doctor.

I recently came across and am super impressed not only with their selection of women’s reading glasses, but also their prices.  Currently I have thicker frames but I have been feeling like sometimes I wish my glasses stood out less so my face and eyes could stand out more.  I really like this frame with the suspended lenses.  And with the cost of only $68 they would totally be an affordable second pair!

1x1.trans Stylish and Affordable Glasses from

When did you learn you needed glasses?  Do you stick with the same frames year to year or do you like to mix it up?

If you want to check out their site you can here!

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  1. Great selection at great prices. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I love that these glasses are so affordable!

  3. I was just saying that I needed new glasses! Thanks for letting me know about!

  4. I’ve noticed in the last year that my eyesight is going bad. All my life I never ever had problems until within the last year. I’m having to hold things further away from my face. It’s so upsetting!

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