Pregnancy Journal | Week 18

1x1.trans Pregnancy Journal | Week 18

How Far Along: 18 weeks

Baby’s Size: Sweet Potato (5.5 inches, 5 oz)

Symptoms: Hunger!  I want to eat all the time now.  I am trying to keep my snacks as healthy as possible.

Weight Gain: I am currently down 3.5 pounds from when I got pregnant (+1.5 from last week).

Maternity Clothes: Apparently I need more since I just noticed that I am wearing the EXACT same outfit in the picture this week as I was last week.

Cravings: I had a huge craving when I was writing this post but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what it was for.  Has that happened to anyone else??  In the end Pickled Okra hit the spot.

Food Aversions: Nothing new.

Belly Button – In or Out? Still in but just barely.

Movement: Feeling him move about once a day now ~ it sure is great!  I can’t wait until it becomes more frequent so that Monkey Girl and hubs can feel it too 1x1.trans Pregnancy Journal | Week 18

Sleep: Still having a hard time getting comfortable.

Thoughts from Monkey Girl: This weekend my brother in law and his family moved so we went to help.  Since I am no help moving boxes I got to watch the kids (Monkey plus my 5 year old and 2 month old nieces).  It was a blast and Monkey loved helping with her baby niece.  Just as we were leaving the baby got hungry so she started crying (she had done great the rest of the day).  In the car on the way home my husband made a joke that he and Monkey Girl would hide out together once the baby was born.  By the time we got home she was telling me “When the baby comes out Daddy and I are going to run and hide.  Then the baby is going to turn into a monster and come find us.”  Good thing right now she loves Monsters, Inc. and thinks they are her friends 1x1.trans Pregnancy Journal | Week 18

1x1.trans Pregnancy Journal | Week 18

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Amanda Larson is a mother, wife, lawyer and aspiring cook. She truly believes that you can live green and eat well while sticking to a budget. Through her posts she shares her tips on how she does it!


  1. first of all, congratulation :) its good that you monitor your pregnancy timeline for other expectant mom to see. I have 2 children 6 and 3 :) is this your first baby? by the time you get to week 20 you will finally see the gender :) of your unborn child.

  2. You have such a cute bump! And Monkey Girl”s Monster comment was hilarious!

  3. Reading this made me miss being pregnant already and Willow is only 1 month old (today!!). You are looking great momma and I love Monkey Girl’s thought, sometimes Willow does sound like a little monster, so she’s not too far off, hehe.

  4. Oh you look so cute! I totally miss being pregnant and seeing my belly bump shots! And yay for not having to help move, I’d much rather watch the kids :) Oh and I love Monkey Girl’s thought haha… too funny!

  5. Cassandra

    I can’t wait until I get to this point. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I’m getting more and more excited when I read your updates!!

  6. Nice bump! my pleasure coming here and learning something special. I am i n my 16th week still

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