Pregnancy Journal | Week 17

1x1.trans Pregnancy Journal |  Week 17

How Far Along: 17 weeks (with the holiday last week I got behind and never got week 16 posted)

Baby’s Size: Turnip

Symptoms: I can finally eat again!  I still don’t have a huge appetite but I am able to eat every meal which is wonderful.  I am still tired some, but I think that is a symptom of working full time with a 2 year old, lol.

Weight Gain: I am currently down 5 pounds from when I got pregnant (+1 from my last post).

Maternity Clothes: Loving them and happy to finally have a little more of a noticeable bump (though not enough for people to be brave enough to ask about it).

Cravings: Still loving fried food.  Just made my first batch of homemade ice cream and I can see that becoming an obsession…

Food Aversions:  Still not wanting to eat fish 1x1.trans Pregnancy Journal |  Week 17

Gender Guess: We will find out on October 12.  I am thinking of getting one of those Intelligender kits just for fun.

Medical Happenings: Had an appointment today and all looks good.  Going in for my quad-screen some time this week (I hate having my blood drawn).  Heart beat was nice and strong in the 150-160 range.

Emotional Stuff:  So far I haven’t had crazy emotions yet.

Belly Button – In or Out? In

Movement: Just started feeling very slight movements that I would have never recognized if this was my first.

Sleep: Still having a hard time getting comfortable.

Thoughts from Monkey Girl: The other morning she said “mommy can I please have a baby brother.”  I think it is because they have a new 2 month old baby boy at daycare.

1x1.trans Pregnancy Journal |  Week 17

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  1. You look great :) Are you finding out the sex?

  2. You are so adorable! I’m calling it now- it’s a boy! :)

  3. Such a cute bump!! I am actually working on my Intelligender review right now. It was fun to do and it will be fun to see if the prediction was right or not :)!

  4. Oooh you are so cute, I love your little baby bump! Glad you are able to eat again :)

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