Precious Moments

Today we went to a birthday party to celebrate my friend Heather’s son’s second birthday.  She has a piano that all the kids love to play.  As the kids were playing the piano everyone was snapping pictures of them.

1x1.trans Precious Moments

When Heather posted the picture to Facebook I immediately went searching until I found this one from exactly 1 year ago.

1x1.trans Precious Moments

Wow times flies!  They grow up so fast.  Monkey Girl is the one on the left in both pictures.

Tonight as I was giving her a bath Monkey Girl really wanted to get my attention so she had me come close.  She cradled my face with both her hands and said “Listen to me mommy.  We had a really great day today.  I love you.”  My heart just melted.  I love that she is growing up and that we can do more and more things together.  But I still want her to stay my baby girl.  I’m not ready for her to grow up yet!

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  1. AWE! That is so cute….I wish kids could stay little for ever – then my 3-year-old starts screaming about this or that and I wish he would grow up a bit….what a vicious cycle. Guess we should just love the moment….cause it goes to fast!