My Random Thoughts on Saving Money

Like everyone else, we are constantly trying to save money.  I decided to share some of my random tips for easy ways to save money.

Write a list before you go shopping – and stick to it.  Two grocery shopping rules I try to stick with are always take a list and never go shopping hungry.  Make a careful plan of what you’ll buy before you go, then stick strictly to that list when you go to the store.  Don’t put anything in the cart that’s not on the list, no matter how tempting, and you’ll come out of the store saving a bundle.  If you bring a list and really stick to it, you can even make it through a shopping trip if you break rule number 2 and go shopping hungry.

Drink more water. Not only does drinking plenty of water have great health benefits, water drinking has financial benefits, too.  Drink a big glass of water before each meal, and not only will you digest it better, you won’t eat as much, saving on the bill.  You’ll also find yourself feeling a bit better as you begin to get adequately hydrated (most Americans are perpetually somewhat dehydrated).

Make a quadruple batch of a casserole.  I share a lot of freezer friendly recipes in my recipe section of this blog.  The next time you make a casserole, make four batches of it and put the other three in the freezer.  Then, the next time you need a quick meal for the family, grab one of those batches and just heat it up – easy as can be.

Be diligent about turning off lights before you leave.  If you spend one minute turning off lights before a two hour trip, that’s the equivalent of earning $50 an hour.  That’s some impressive savings, particularly if you do it before longer trips. The key is to use less energy, particularly when you’re not using the device.

Try generic brands of items you buy regularly.  Instead of just picking up the ordinary brand of an item you buy, try out the store brand or generic version of the item.  Likely, you’ll save a few cents now, but you’ll also discover that the store brand is just as good as the name brand – the only difference between the two, often, is the marketing. Once you’re on board the generic train, you’ll find your regular grocery bill getting smaller and smaller.

Shop around for your insurance.  I am sure you all have seen the insurance commercials that claim to save you money.  When we were shopping for homeowner’s insurance I started to see there was a real difference between some companies so I decided to compare vehicle insurance rates at places such as as well and ended up finding a great bundled deal!

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Amanda Larson is a mother, wife, lawyer and aspiring cook. She truly believes that you can live green and eat well while sticking to a budget. Through her posts she shares her tips on how she does it!


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    Thanks for the great tips!!! I will have to remember these!!

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