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1x1.trans Exercise During Pregnancy | Trim Down Thursday

Exercising during pregnancy helps you feel more comfortable including helping with backaches and headaches, helps you get a better night’s sleep, gives you a happier state of mind and a more positive body image.  It is also said that exercising during pregnancy makes for an easier labor and a healthier baby.

Exercise can be divided into three categories, all of them important, and all of them a little different now that you’re working out for two.

Cardio fitness during pregnancy:  This category includes any exercise that gives your heart and lungs a good workout, such as walking, running, or swimming.  Cardio workouts provide the most health benefits — plus burn the most calories (calories burnt = more you can eat!).  Pregnant women should do these workouts at moderate  intensity, working up to at least 30 minutes a day, most days of the week.

Strength training during pregnancy: Lifting weights strengthens muscles and bones.  The more muscle mass a woman has, the higher her metabolism (and the more she gets to eat without gaining weight).  While weight training is fine for pregnant women, you may need to scale back the amount of weight you’ve been lifting, and increase the number of repetitions.  Because of increased flexibility in your joints and ligaments, it’s easier to injure yourself.  Also make sure that you don’t hold your breath when lifting weights.

Flexibility exercises during pregnancy:  Stretching (simple stretches, yoga, Pilates) is a pregnant woman’s best friend, easing leg cramps, back strain, and sore shoulders.  But stretch with caution — because of the increased relaxation of ligaments during pregnancy, you will need to be careful — those relaxed joints can trick you into straining a muscle.

Work some workout time into your routine (that’s how it becomes “routine”), and you’ll be happy you did (your baby will appreciate it, too).

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