Potty Training Time with Charlie Banana

1x1.trans Potty Training Time with Charlie Banana

Potty training is in full swing in our house.  I think what they forget to tell you (or maybe “they” do and I just didn’t read the book) is that it is training for the parents too.  You have to remember to ask your child if they need to use the potty.  You have to be ready to drop everything and take your little one to the potty when they “feel it.”  I have to say that Monkey Girl and her parents are really starting to get the hang of it!

1x1.trans Potty Training Time with Charlie Banana

One of the big incentives for Monkey Girl was when we got her pull-ups so that she could “do it herself.”  We initially tried a store brand of disposable pull-ups and they gave her a horrible rash!  I was excited when we received two Charlie Banana trainers (also sold as swim diapers).  We got Monkey Girl the size large which fits 18-36 months and 21-27 lbs.  Monkey Girl is a petite 27 month old, just now weighing in at 25 lbs.  This diaper fits pretty good, but I would say that they run a little on the bigger side.

1x1.trans Potty Training Time with Charlie Banana

The inside is lined with so soft organic cotton.  These fit much like regular underwear but with a really thin yet absorbent soaker pad to catch those little accidents.  And the outer waterproof liner can help some to keep the accidents in.  We did learn that if she really misjudges and has a big pee, the trainer is not going to keep it all in.  But, trainers aren’t supposed to!

We are really impressed with these trainers!

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  1. You’re right, it is training for the parents, too. The trainer looks nice. She can grow into it!! Good luck with the training!
    Mimi recently posted..If I could Change My Career PathMy Profile

  2. I seriously need to get some of these trainers since we are about to start the process of potty learning, too! I think the hardest thing for me will definitely be remembering to ask her often if she needs to potty or not! It will be a learning experience for all of us :).
    Whitney Jordan recently posted..Rubbermaid LunchBlox Sandwich KitMy Profile

  3. We are trying to work with our little guy, but I think he’ll get better when we get better! It is an adjustment! These look great and I love that the inner is organic cotton. We’ll have to get some for our little guy to try. Thanks for sharing!
    April G recently posted..Baby Food Jars or Pouches?My Profile

  4. We’re potty training too! I hate the disposable trainers, but I’m not ready to put her into regular underwear yet. These would be great to have!
    Stacie recently posted..Cool Off With Some Frozen Fun!My Profile

  5. i recently learned that the charlie banana trainers do not hold in big pee mishaps. I put my daughter to sleep in them I usually wake her up to go use the bathroom in the middle of the night. I ended up over sleeping and well, she woke up crying because of the wet feeling on her pjs and bed. They are very cute and comfy. They are good for very tiny pee mishaps.

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