Flufftastic Summer Celebration #ClothDiaper #Giveaway

1x1.trans Flufftastic Summer Celebration #ClothDiaper #Giveaway

Flufftastic Summer Celebration is hosted by Mama on a Green Mission and Eco Baby Mama Drama. The Grand Prize is sponsored by Lotus Bumz, Rinse Hopper, 7 A.M. Enfant, BabyLegs, Wooly Rounds and Mama on a Green Mission and is valued at over $400.  This grand prize package is a great start for anyone or a great addition to the cloth diapering addict’s stash!

My prize package is valued at $37, is sponsored by Rockin’ Green and Charlie Banana, and includes:

 A 45/90 bag of Rockin’ Green detergent and a melody room spray

  1x1.trans Flufftastic Summer Celebration #ClothDiaper #Giveaway

1x1.trans Flufftastic Summer Celebration #ClothDiaper #Giveaway

A swim diaper/training pant

1x1.trans Flufftastic Summer Celebration #ClothDiaper #Giveaway

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About Amanda

Amanda Larson is a mother, wife, lawyer and aspiring cook. She truly believes that you can live green and eat well while sticking to a budget. Through her posts she shares her tips on how she does it!


  1. Anne Perry

    I’ve used a cb swim diaper… I’ve only used rng for cloth diapers.

  2. Melissa H. says:

    I have tried Rockin’ Green and love it!

  3. courtney hennagir says:

    not yet! i’m definitely going to!

  4. Amy Bailey says:

    I have borrowed my friends diaper one time and I LOVED the brand. Very trim! Hope I won :D

  5. Maegan Morin says:

    No I have not but I would love too!!

  6. Justice Montgomery

    We love RNG. It’s our CDing detergent of choice. And we have one of the swim diapers from CB for our toddler and it fits him really nice. I’d like to get one for his little brother too!

  7. I use Rockin Green for my diapers.

  8. Nicole Lillie Stewart

    I’ve use Rockin Green since I started CD’ing. Lavender Mint Revival is my fave scent- nomz!

  9. Bonnie Cantrell

    Unfortunately I haven’t gotten to try either but I’d love to!

  10. Colleen Maurina says:

    I have tried Rockin Green (and love it!) but have not tried Charlie Banana.

  11. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I have not, trying to win for my nephew and his wife who plan on using cloth and due in a couple of weeks

  12. Anna Fowler says:

    No, not yet…..would like to :)

  13. Geri Fink

    I have tried Rockin Green through a sample, but I have not tried Charlie Banana yet. I really want to try Rockin Green more long term. I would also love to try Charlie Banana

  14. Amanda Boerst says:

    We use Rockin Green and love it but haven’t tried Charlie Banana yet.

  15. Bekah Kuczenski

    I have tried both and I love both!

  16. Andrea H

    I’ve tried Rockin’ Green, but not Charlie Banana! Would love to though! :)

  17. Yes, I have tried both!

  18. Ashley R. says:

    I have not tried either brand yet, but I am very excited to try both, I’ve heard wonderful things about them!!!

  19. So excited to start cloth diapering. Interested to find our more about all this stuff!

  20. Alessandra Peterson says:

    I haven’t been able to try either but have heard great things about them!

  21. I haven’t tried either yet, having my first baby in September!

  22. I tried a sample of RNG before and loved it! I haven’t tried CB yet!
    Kirstie recently posted..28 WeeksMy Profile

  23. We have a Charlie Banana pocket diaper and LOVE it! Have yet to try Rockin’ Green :)
    Sarah Welte recently posted..***Sponsor Spotlight Review ~ Woolzies Dryer Balls***My Profile

  24. We are new to cloth and haven’t tried either

  25. stormi noll

    rockin green is the only cloth diaper detergent I use

  26. Nope, I’m still trying to find the brand I want to use once the baby is here!
    Ranie recently posted..Maybe Baby Girl EditionMy Profile

  27. Christina C

    I haven’t tried either yet but really want to!

  28. I have tried RnG but not Charlie Banana

  29. I have used rockin green detergent and have had great results!

  30. I have tried RnG but never Charlie Banan

  31. I have tried rockin green but not charlie banana

  32. Alisha L. says:

    Yes both! Big fan of both brands :)

  33. Julieanne Pham says:

    I have not used either but would love to try!

  34. I love rockin green for our cloth diapers.

  35. I’ve never tried either Rockin Green or Charlie’s Soap before. I’d love to give them a shot!

  36. Ashley B.

    I have tried rage against the raspberry and just ordered some charlie banana diapers on zulily!

  37. Haven’t tried either, but would love to

  38. I have not tried either

  39. No, I’ve never tried either.
    Charlene recently posted..Cleaning, Classes, This might just really happen!My Profile

  40. tanya bright

    havent tried it yet

  41. Bridgett zaidi says:

    Tried rockin green but not Charlie bananas diapers

  42. I’ve tried RNG before, but wasn’t very impressed with it for washing cloth diapers, but I liked using it around the house.
    Sarah Jane recently posted..Flufftastic Summer Celebration GiveawayMy Profile

  43. Elizabeth G

    I have tried Rockin Green but I have never tried a Charlie Banana diaper

  44. I just started using rocking grrm, so far I love it.

  45. Have tons of rockin green but not charlie banana :(
    Christine M recently posted..Coming Soon – Thirsties Giveaway!!My Profile

  46. I have tried a variety of Rockin’ Green soaps and have been satisfied with them all. I’d love to try the charlie’s bananas.

  47. I haven’t used charlie banana but have heard great things about them!

    I love the scents of RnG but it didn’t work as well for our cloth :(

  48. Julie Ghrist says:

    Love my rockin green for my diaper laundry!!!

  49. Anna Claire

    We love RNG! Never tried Charlie Banana but I’ve wanted to :)

  50. Nope, haven’t tried either, but I really want to!

  51. I have not tried either one, but I would love to!

  52. I haven’t tried either but I am anxious to do so!

  53. karissa

    I use rockin green

  54. I have used RnG in the past & have yet to own a CB, :-)

  55. Jen Breedlove

    Love Rockin’ Green! Never tried Charlie Banana

  56. Stephanie Hungerford

    I have never tired either I would really love to try the Rockin’ Green because I hear so much that is good about it

  57. Beth Ann Erwin says:

    I’m expecting my first, so I’m new to cloth diapering, but I hear good things about both brands :)

  58. Becky Hensley

    I’ve never tried Charlie Banana, and I just recently placed an order for a sample size of the Rockin’ Green Detergent because I’ve heard awesome things!

    Thanks for being a part of this amazing blog hop!

  59. yes and we have a swim diaper = LOVE them!!!

  60. christina mccormick

    I’ve tried rockin green but not charlie banana

  61. Felicia R says:

    I have tried Rockin Green and it didn’t really work out for us for cloth diapers. I haven’t tried Charlie Banana but would love to!

  62. I have not tried either, but would like to.

  63. I use Rockin Green but haven’t tried Charlie Banana

  64. Elizabeth says:

    I haven’t tried either yet but I’m open to new things!

  65. I’ve not tried either but I’ve heard such great things about both companies that I’d love to try them!

  66. Lily Ivey says:

    I have not tried either, but I am looking for a new CD safe detergent and want to give Hard Rock a try. Also, love the CB prints.

  67. Andrea G. says:

    I haven’t tried either, but I’d love to!

  68. I haven’t tried EITHER! But I would really really love to!

  69. Samara Rodriguez-Swope says:

    I’m trying out rocking green soft rock sample right now I’ve yet to try Charlie Banana

  70. Jessica O says:

    No but they are 2 of my “dying to tries!” I am still new to cloth but have heard wonderful things about both products!

  71. Sharon L.

    I haven’t used either but I would love to try!

  72. I have tried Rocking green before and love it! The watermelon is yummy ;)
    Samantha Jenkins recently posted..Let’s play catch upMy Profile

  73. I have Never tried either.

  74. IzzyMummy

    I have not tried either but have heard great things about both and look forward to trying them soon

  75. Becky Marie says:

    I use Rockin Green, but haven’t tried Charlie Banana yet.

  76. Jessie P. says:

    I’ve never tried Rockin’ Green…but would love to!

  77. Bethany B says:

    I have usedockin green but not charlie banana

  78. hollie n.

    i’ve tried 2 different RnG detergents and I LOVE THEM!

  79. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I use RnG and it’s used on all dd’s laundry and sometimes ours too! :-) Never tried a Charlie Banana but I’ve been wanting to!

  80. Nikole H. says:

    I have tried Rockin’ Green, it is our choice cloth diaper detergent :) And we also like our Charlie Banana Pocket Diaper!

  81. Ju P.

    No, we have not tried those brands!

  82. Sarah Hull says:

    I have tried RnG and Charlie Banana – I really like using RnG and I have one Charlie Banana diaper, it’s great!

  83. Terri Moore says:

    I haven’t tried either product but would really like to. thank you!

  84. Raquel Beaty says:

    I got some samples of Rockin’ Green from the Great Cloth Diaper Change event in my area. I also have a OS Charlie Banana diaper that I love!

  85. heather eg kaufman says:

    I have tried neither, but would love to try them both.

  86. I’ve never tried either before. Looking forward to the opportunity, though! I’ve heard great things. :)
    Katie recently posted..Flufftastic Summer Celebration Giveaway: Barrel and a Heap Diaper Cover and Planet Wise Wet Bag #clothdiaperhopMy Profile

  87. Jaime Nicole says:

    I haven’t tried them but I would love to!

  88. Allison Downes says:

    I have not tried either of them

  89. Catherine L

    I am expecting my first child – i have not tried Rocking Green or Charlie Banana

  90. I haven’t tried either but I would love to! Have heard a lot of good things about both brands.

  91. Ruth V.

    No, but I’d love to try both.

  92. I use both! Most of my stash is Charlie Banana and I use Rockin Green Soft Rock detergent. Both are great!

  93. Catherine Palumbos says:

    I’ve never tried either, but I would love to!

  94. Jessica Eaton Ledford

    I’ve not tried either…but would like too ;)

  95. Melissa Alexander says:

    I have never tried Charlies. But I use Rockin Green all the time, even for my regular laundry!

  96. Rockin green is the only product we use on our cloth diapers and we love it! They always come out spotless and have no odors!

  97. We use RnG all the time and we’ve tried CB too! :)

  98. Hannah Avery says:

    Yes, right now I am using Rockin Green on my diapers.

  99. Rebecca Orr says:

    I have tried Rockin’ Green and I loved it. I have yet to try out a Charlie Banana diaper. I would love to though, as I have heard tons of great things about them. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  100. we love rockin green

  101. I have tried rockin green, works really great on my hubby’s work clothes too!

  102. I haven’t tried either, but would love to :)
    Krystal recently posted..City Grips Stroller Handlebar Grip CoversMy Profile

  103. i haven’t tried these before

  104. I have never Rockin Green or Charlie Banana.

  105. Joelle F. says:

    Have not tried either.

  106. I have never tried either product

  107. LoryAnn P says:

    We love Rockin Green. We have yet to try CB but we would really like to give them a go.

  108. We are a Rockin Green Family.

  109. I have tried rockin green and thought it worked well. I haven’t tried charlie banana yet though.

  110. I have not tried rocking green so far, (once my bum genius detergnet is iver, rocking green is the one I am planning to buy next) but have tried charlie banana one size

  111. Cassandra Watson says:

    I have used both rockin’ green and charlie banana.

  112. Melanie Morin says:

    I have never tried those products before.

  113. Brittany C

    I just ordered some Rockin’ Green samples! Pretty excited to get them because I’ve never tried it before.

  114. No, not yet!

  115. Kimberlie says:

    I have tried both and like them!

  116. Jessie T-B says:

    I’ve tried rockin green and it seems to work well on the cloth diapers

  117. kim mcintosh says:

    we use rockin’ green but have not tried charlie banana!

  118. Bree Terrill says:

    I;ve tried CB one size pockets. Not my favorite diaper, but they work just fine.

  119. I have not yet used any of them yet!
    Meghan recently posted..Pregnitude UpdateMy Profile

  120. I use Rockin Green to wash our diapers and clothes!

  121. Jessica S says:

    I haven’t tried either.

  122. Michelle Ferguson says:

    I’ve tried Rockin’ Green but have yet to try a Charlie Banana!

  123. I haven’t used Rockin’ Green (except as a sample) but I love my Charlie Banana diaper!

  124. nope, neither! ive heard great things about charlie banana.

  125. Brittany Land says:

    No, I haven’t tried either!

  126. Rockin Green is the best soap ever!!

  127. NOpe, never tried either but I would love to!!!

  128. Jenny

    I haven’t tried either, but I’ve really been eyeing the Rockin’ Green. And I hear lots of good stuff about Charlie Bananas, too from other CD moms.

  129. Lacey Crochet says:

    Haven’t tried either but would love to!!

  130. Christine fox says:

    I have yet to had the chance to try either one but I hear a lot of good things about both!

  131. I have used Rockin’ Green, but not Charlie Banana.
    Shannon Stubbs recently posted..Summer #BlogChallenge August 17 How my kids got their namesMy Profile

  132. Danielle

    My sister has tried Charlie Banana, but I haven’t. Neither of us have tried Rockin Green.

  133. Chelsea O.

    No, not yet

  134. Brandi Powell says:

    I am currently trying the Rockin Green Funk Rock, but have not tried the CHarlie Banana diaper

  135. I”ve tried both Rockin’ Green soap and Charlie Banana diapers!
    Guatejen recently posted..Homeschool Preschool: Choices, ChoicesMy Profile

  136. I regularly use rockin green, but I haven’t tried a charlie banana diaper.

  137. yes, we LOVE RNG hard rock and we have a Charlie Banana swim diaper that my son has sadly outgrown. :-(

  138. heather c. says:

    Nope, I have not tried either one yet!

  139. We had a Charlie Banana swim diaper which my son is too big for now.

  140. I have used rockin green but not CB yet. :)

  141. KD {Mom of 3 Dolls} says:

    Tried a sample of Rockin Green

  142. Claiborne says:

    Yes to both!

  143. I’ve tried RNG but not CB.

  144. I’ve tried Rockin Green, but not Charlie Banana. I would love to win!

  145. I haven’t tried either of these awesome products. Hope I get a chance to!

  146. Tracey B

    We’re expecting our first baby this Winter, so I haven’t tried either yet, but I’d love to add both to my cloth diaper arsenal! Thanks!

  147. Rockin Green yes, Charlie Banana NO! Can’t wait!

  148. mary kenney says:

    I haven’t tried either-yet!

  149. Alysha C.

    I have tried Rockin Green but not Charlie Banana!

  150. I have only had a small sample of Rockin Green.

  151. In the middle of my 1st Classic Rock now…haven’t used Charlie B yet

  152. I havent treid either yet, but would love to

  153. I havent tried either.. but i would love to!

  154. Lindsay Case says:

    I haven’t but want to try really bad!

  155. We always use Rockin Green to clean our diapers and Charlie Banana is one of our favourite cloth diaper brands
    Katy Emanuel recently posted..11 MonthsMy Profile

  156. kim johnson

    We have tried both and love both.

  157. I have never used Rockin Green or Charlie Banana, but I hope for an opportunity. My little one is due any day now so I am looking forward to many new experiences.

  158. Jennifer Barata Allen says:

    No I haven’t, but I am really interested to try these out.

  159. Shakeeta W says:

    I’ve tried Rockin’ Green before and loved it!

  160. I haven’t been able to try either yet, I would love to!
    Tabitha recently posted..Menu Plan 8/20My Profile

  161. We only use rockin green on our cloth diapers!

  162. Nicole Sparks says:

    I have not tried either, yet.

  163. I haven’t tried either.
    The Happy Wife/Danielle Garcia recently posted..Book Review: My Stubborn HeartMy Profile

  164. I’ve tried rockin’ green, but not charlie banana!

  165. Michelle Knopp says:

    I have never tried these products before, but would love to.

  166. not yet, would love to try

  167. I use Rocking Green, but haven’t tried Charlie Banana yet.
    Cassie recently posted..Summer #BlogChallenge Day #27: Best Gift I’ve ReceivedMy Profile

  168. Joana A

    i havent tried either

  169. No but I would like to!

  170. beth c

    i have never tried rockin green but have been wanting to, and we have a charlie banana diaper that i absolutely love!! it is trim, fits my son great, and is still soft and absorbent after many washings!

  171. I haven’t

  172. Kimberly Wilder says:

    I use Rckin Green detergent for all my cloth diapers. Love that you only have to use a small amount!

  173. Haven’t tried either yet but would like too!

  174. Melissa K says:

    I haven’t tried either but I have heard good things about Rockin Green

  175. I’ve tried the detergent but not the diapers!
    Christine g recently posted..G!veaway! W!n a "Green" Sugar Booger Backpack! (ends 8/30/12)My Profile

  176. Crystal Litz says:

    I have tried a sample pack of rockin green & I did like it

  177. Have Rockin’ Green, need me some more (with a little scent this time) and some Funk Rock desperately!

  178. I have not tried either yet.

  179. I’ve tried rockin green but not charlie banana

  180. Martha Foley says:

    I’ve never tried rockin’ green, but we have tried the Charlie Banana sized pocket diaper and love it! :)

  181. I haven’t tried them yet.

  182. christine jessamine

    i got a sample of rockin green and loved it, i currently use charlie banana and prefer it

  183. I’ve never tried Rockin’ Green, but I am on the hunt for laundry detergent that is cloth friendly and won’t break my budget while getting rid of cloth diaper stink/stains!

  184. Emily Jarvis says:

    Rockin Green soap is all I’ve ever used on my diapers and I love the Charlie Banana wipes!

  185. I have used RNG on all my laundry.

  186. Amanda Griffin says:

    Rocking Green is the only soap i have used so far!

  187. I’ve used Rockin’ Green “Funk Rock” soak – good stuff!

  188. i haven’t yet tried either!

  189. Crystal Cherry says:

    New to CD’ing so I have never used either of the products but I would love to be able to try them.

  190. I LOVE Rockin Green. It’s the cornerstone of my cloth diaper laundry routine. I also use CB swim diapers as trainers for my toddler and have a CB pocket in my stash.
    Suzi Satterfield recently posted..Teaching Toddler MannersMy Profile

  191. I haven’t but i would like to try both

  192. Charlotte R says:

    I have not tried either, though I have heard great things about them (I have a small bag of rockin green to try soon)

  193. I have a Charlie bandanna swim diaper which I bought before starting to use cloth and it was the tipping point that started my adventure of cloth diapering two little ones.

  194. Lynn B

    No I haven’t tried either yet, but I just started a month ago!

  195. Whitney blessed

    I have one charlie banana OS and i love it!!!

  196. jamie davis

    i haven’t tried either but i’d like to.

  197. AlannaB

    Just Rock In Green!

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