Checking My List Twice

I can’t believe school has already started back!  Soon the leaves will be falling and before we know it Christmas will be here.  When my mind took that gigantic leap I had to stop my nervous system from having a complete panic attack.

We just moved and of course once Christmas is on my mind I start thinking about if we have enough outdoor lights to fit on our new house and where we will place the Christmas tree.

I like planning ahead and another big thing for me to plan will be who we send Christmas cards to and who we have to get Christmas gifts for.  There is our daycare provider and the wonderful real estate team that found us our new house.  Our new neighborhood has a mail man that actually walks the mail door to door so I feel like we will need to get him something too.

1x1.trans Checking My List Twice

One thing I do know is that everyone loves Christmas Hampers filled with that amazing Ferrero Roche chocolate!  I know they will be adding more gift boxes as the holidays approach but I have been drooling over the Grande gift box.  One of their most exciting and indulgent creations, the Grande chocolate chest is elegantly filled with Ferrero praline delicacies perfect for that special someone. Beautifully wrapped to make a real statement, they will joyfully unwrap the layers for sharing pleasure.

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet?

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  1. I have been starting to buy things on sale as they clearance out for new things. That looks amazing though and I have to agree with April I would definitely love that as a gift lol