Vedavoo ~ Supporting Fisherman and the American Economy

I am still so outraged over the United States Olympic uniforms being made in China.  However, rather than wollow in the negative, I thought I would point your attention to an amazing US company that manufactures their great fishing packs and bags right here in the good old United States!

1x1.trans Vedavoo ~ Supporting Fisherman and the American Economy

Scott Hunter is the founder, designer and mastermind behind Vedavoo.  Scott bought a sewing machine on Craigslist back in 2009 and taught himself to design/sew.  Vedavoo has grown a lot since then but they continue to build their packs for out of a small, local workshop.  They even use American made fabrics and components!

Here is what Scott has to say about living the American dream and giving back to our economy:

“Can you imagine how strong our economy would be if we all cared as much about protecting American manufacturing jobs as we do about protecting the environment? Drive down back roads in America, and there’s a good chance you’ll see what I have: empty factories… run down and decaying from memory.  Unfortunately, industries dominated by companies getting their gear produced in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. have forced everyone else to follow suit or die.  Even so called “American Made” products are largely built out of components made overseas.  Cheap labor over there is killing companies and closing factories here.  It’s that simple. I’m working at Vedavoo to prove that it’s possible to do better! Every Pack we deliver is hand crafted with pride in the USA using American-Made materials. Our production efforts follow strict standards for quality and durability to ensure our work will last you for years to come. It costs more – a lot more – but it’s money well spent. We’re keeping Americans from being laid off, and doing what we can to keep moving forward.”

I am so honored to have had the chance to work with Scott and his amazing company!

Scott send us one of Vedavoo’s chest packs to review and we were not disappointed.  The chest pack is a thin, lightweight, and simple organizer for your small flybox, tools, tippet, leaders, license & other essentials.

1x1.trans Vedavoo ~ Supporting Fisherman and the American Economy

My husband has been out fishing with this pack twice now and really likes it.  The chest pack is intended to be worn around your neck like a lanyard (but a super awesome lanyard!) but it also does come with add on belt loops if you want to wear it on your belt.  My husband has even found that he can wear the neck strap around his waist.  You can also get it with a shoulder strap add on so you can wear it “satchel style” if needed.  The neck strap is adjustable and my husband says it is very comfortable.

1x1.trans Vedavoo ~ Supporting Fisherman and the American Economy

The chest pack comes with three pockets–one on the front, and two in the back.  On the front side you have an Adjustable Toggled Loop that comfortably holds up to 4 spools of tippet, heavy-duty stretch pocket secures most small fly boxes or cameras, and 10 connection points keep tools accessible and organized

On the back side you have an accessible top-load pocket with dual security loops and a secure, zippered pocket for your keys, ID, license, cash, etc.

Even though this bag was designed for fishing, that is only one of the many possible uses.  It is also great for travelers (easy security checkpoint screening), hikers, etc.  Scott tells me he even sold one to a quilter who wanted to keep her tools organized and ready!

Vedavoo sells a ton of other great bags, gear, and even has a line of apparel you are sure to love.  So please, check out this great American company and support their efforts by making a purchase!

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  1. These would make a wonderful gift for my brother-in-law! H’e’s really into fishing, and I love supporting Made in America companies. I loved hearing about how Mr. Hunter made his start, and teaching himself his skills is very admirable!
    Stacie B. recently posted..November is Coming! Are You Ready to Vote? #CARightToKnowMy Profile

  2. My boys would love something like that. They’re quite the fishermen. Guess it’s to be expected here in MN. lol
    Mimi recently posted..Lifetime Monterey Kayak and $100 Cash GRAND PRIZE Made In America GiveawayMy Profile

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