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I love having photos of my family all over the walls of our home.   In fact, except for a piece of art my parents got us as a wedding gift, all of the wall decor in our home is family photos.   When EasyCanvasPrints.com asked me to review a canvas print I happily accepted.   Of course, as soon as we got them, we decided to move so I haven’t hung them up yet, but I can’t wait to get the pictures up in our new house.  For now they look super cute on Monkey Girl’s toy kitchen.

  1x1.trans Easy Canvas Prints   Fine Art at a Fraction of the Cost

Easy Canvas Prints lets you easily upload your photos and put your photo on a wrapped canvas that is ready to hang on your wall. There are many size and 2 width options to choose from with affordable price options.  I picked both an 8×10 and an 11×14 and both are stunning!

Creating my canvas was really easy – first I selected the canvas size I wanted and the thickness, next you can upload an image or select an image in your Facebook albums.  Once your image is loaded, EasyCanvasPrints.com will tell you if the quality of your image is going to work for the canvas size rating it either poor, fair or good. I like this feature because it prevents you from ending up with a pixelated, grainy canvas print. Once your image is uploaded you can choose a standard wall hanger or a canvas stand for tabletops or desks.  Next, you select your border, you can choose to mirror the image, image wrap or a solid color border, no matter what border you choose they are all included in the price.  You can preview your canvas and move the image around to position it exactly where you want it. Lastly you can choose color finishing if you’d like to make your photo black and white or sephia.  EasyCanvasPrints.com can also provide image retouching for a small fee.

I designed these canvas print from my two favorite photos.  It is so hard to pick which photographs to put up when you take so many of your child.  However, none will be as special to me as the first photo shoot we did in the hospital!

1x1.trans Easy Canvas Prints   Fine Art at a Fraction of the Cost

And throughout everything, we can’t forget our 4-legged children.  Turk has been the best big brother to Monkey Girl and she loves him dearly, so I wanted to put up one of my favorite pictures of him as well.  You can see how the exquisite detail of the picture was not lost in the printing of it on canvas.  They really do a great job!

1x1.trans Easy Canvas Prints   Fine Art at a Fraction of the Cost

If you want to find other great ways to preserve your pictures, check out their parent company BuildASign.com.

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  1. Thanks for the info! I’m going to have to give them a try!

  2. Those looks so cute. I have always wanted to try a print on canvas, but always been nervous about how it would turn out. Thanks for sharing about your experience

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