Coping with the Aurora Theater Shooting

The recent shootings in Aurora dredges up a whole host of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  I was a senior in high school when the tragedy at Columbine occurred.  While my high school was an hour away it deeply effected me, my friends, and my family.  Now I am a parent and I feel those same thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  I think they are even stronger because I am thinking of my beautiful daughter as well as the families and people involved in this awful senseless act.   My heart goes out to all.

1x1.trans Coping with the Aurora Theater Shooting

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When I turned on the television this morning the news coverage was all about the shootings.  My two year old daughter was with me, so once I heard enough to learn what happened, I changed the channel because even though she is young, she didn’t need to be hearing those horrible things.  She is young enough that we don’t have to worry about having to explain the situation to her.  If you have older kids, please check out Imagination Soup, Children’s Colorado, Macaroni Kid, and Go Fatherhood for some great advice.

Hug your children close tonight, call your parents and tell them you love them, and cherish all you have!

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  1. So sad and scary. :-(
    These senseless kinds of killings are heartbreaking. Praying for the families of those lost and injured.
    Mama Chocolate (Johanna C.) recently posted..My Stingy HusbandMy Profile

  2. It is terrifying to think there really is nowhere safe to go anymore. As a mother that’s even harder to deal with…
    Many prayers for those suffering from the tragedy in Aurora.
    Full Time Mama recently posted..Finding BalanceMy Profile

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