A peach, a cucumber, and a thief!

Our garden has really taken off!  Check out what it looked like just a few months ago here.

1x1.trans A peach, a cucumber, and a thief! Our peach tree is full of these beauties.  They taste sooooo good!

1x1.trans A peach, a cucumber, and a thief!

Our cucumbers that we started with seeds from BBB Seed are growing great and make the perfect addition to this summer vegetable salad.

1x1.trans A peach, a cucumber, and a thief!

Monkey Girl was very excited to see the red peaking out from beneath the  raspberry bush – they are her absolute favorite!

1x1.trans A peach, a cucumber, and a thief!

1x1.trans A peach, a cucumber, and a thief!

Our tomato plants are now taller than I am, but all we have been able to find on them have been green tomatoes.  We have hundreds of green tomatoes on the 6 plants we have but no ripe ones (or so I thought).  We were baffled at what would be keeping them for ripening.  However, as I was working my way through the plants, a glimmer of yellow peaked out from the middle of the yellow grape tomato plant and I found a whole cluster of ripe tomatoes!  Upon further examining I found two ripe beefsteak tomatoes at the dead center of another plant.  Could it be that the fruit that was sheltered from the high head we were having somehow was ripening while others weren’t?  That didn’t seem to make sense….

Then my dad figured it out – we had a thief!  Not a bunny, or bird, or neighborhood fox, but the tenants that rent the house behind our shop where the garden is.  We had problems with this last year too, but a strongly worded sign stopped the thievery.  If they took one or two we wouldn’t mind, but seriously all the ripe tomatoes??  I thought we should take a picture of Monkey Girl with a really sad face and have the sign say “Please don’t take my Tomatoes.”  Dad thought he should just hide out back with his pellet gun.  We could always call our cousin Vinny and make sure they take cheap holidays to Turkey from which they never return (no, I don’t really have a cousin named Vinny).

What do you think?  How would you handle this situation?


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  1. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I’d put up the sign w/ a warning that thieves will be shot then have Dad hide with the pellet gun! heehee

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