Summer Infant Digital Video Baby Monitor | #SpringFever Sponsor Spotlight

1x1.trans Summer Infant Digital Video Baby Monitor | #SpringFever Sponsor Spotlight

Our daughter will be turning two at the end of May and will soon be moving into her big girl bed.  Her bedroom is upstairs and I worry about her having the freedom to get out of bed and not being able to see what she is doing.  We have a traditional monitor, but many times I have no idea what the sounds I hear actually are.  I was so excited to be able to try out the Baby Touch Digital Color Baby Monitor from Summer Infant.

The Summer Infant Baby Touch is small in size and sleek in design, it is the first-ever touch screen video monitor.  With a generous 3.5″ touch screen LCD panel, parents can interact and keep an eye on baby using the same smart phone technology available today.  A simple touch of the screen gives parents the ability to adjust the brightness, pan/scan and zoom.  The super quiet camera can be remotely activated so parents can reposition their viewing angle to see baby at all times – even in the dark.  The camera also comes complete with a back-up battery pack for uninterrupted service in the event of a power outage.  Lastly, the Baby Touch includes a two-way talk-back feature so mom and baby can be in touch at all times.  Revolutionary and feature-rich, the Baby Touch represents the next generation of baby video monitoring.

1x1.trans Summer Infant Digital Video Baby Monitor | #SpringFever Sponsor Spotlight

This baby monitor is an informational powerhouse and can seemingly do it ALL!  Here are some of its special features in greater detail:

  • Talk Back Button
  • Video Sleep Mode – While operating on battery power, the video screen will go to sleep to conserve battery power.  Audio and sound lights will function normally.
  • Sound Lights
  • Quick View/Video On/Off Button
  • Night Vision – In a darkened room, the monitor will automatically use its infrared LED’s to transmit a clear image of baby, so you can see your child at night.
  • Multi-Position Camera/Microphone
  • A/V Cable
  • Footrest – The monitor has a built-in footrest for tabletop convenience.
  • Belt Clip – For convenience and portability, you can clip the monitor to your belt or waistband.

We were so excited to try it out as soon as it came in the mail!  Monkey Girl is still in her crib, but there are still many things we were excited to monitor with this product.  There are times when she refuses to nap so I put her down for “quiet time.”  Rarely is she quiet and I would love to see what she is actually doing.

The monitor works great.  The image on the monitor is not a crystal clear image like those portrayed in the advertising, but it is a good image that allows me to see what I need.

1x1.trans Summer Infant Digital Video Baby Monitor | #SpringFever Sponsor Spotlight

You can win one of these great monitors (along with other great prizes) in my From a Seed to a Flower Spring Fever giveaway package!!

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  1. I love this monitor because of you can pan the crib without having to go in and readjust the monitor and because you can add on to it. I have an infant, 3 and 4 year old and like to have monitors in the older ones’ rooms just for peace of mind :)

  2. The features I love the most are the touch screen that gives you the ability to adjust the brightness, pan/scan and zoom so you can see baby no matter where he/she moves around in the room or the crib!

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