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I decided to join in the 21 Day Organizing Challenge (albeit a month late) because I am in serious need of organization in my house.  It is taking me longer to get going on this project than I thought.  It may take me 2 months, but I will make it through the list!  I was telling my mom about the challenge the other day and she said she needs motivation too.  We have decided to do it together.  I will text her when I start on an item and she will try to do that same one.  Hopefully we will be able to keep each other in check so we complete the challenge.

I decided to start with my junk drawer.  For us, the junk drawer is in the kitchen (right next to the living room).  I couldn’t believe how much crap was in there.

1x1.trans 21 Day Organizing Challenge | Junk Drawer

With this challenge I want to not only get stuff organized, but also find solutions to keep organized.  A junk drawer will never stay organized unless you get to the root of why it has become the way it is.  Once you figure that out, you can come up with solutions to remedy the problem.   For me, our kitchen junk drawer is convenient.  When I unload my purse/diaper bag/briefcase, I tend to be in the kitchen because that is where I enter the house.  Rather than take the time to put stuff where it goes, I usually just leave it on the counter.  Then, when I need to clean the counter I just take the easy route and put stuff into the junk drawer.  That is why all of this junk was in the drawer.

1x1.trans 21 Day Organizing Challenge | Junk Drawer

Now I have vowed to take things where they go from the beginning – brief case to the officer, diaper bag to Monkey Girl’s room.  For those times when I just don’t have the time, I have placed a small basket on the bottom stair so that I can just put items that go upstairs in it and take the up next time we go upstairs.

I need to get a few organizing bins, but this looks much better!

1x1.trans 21 Day Organizing Challenge | Junk Drawer

How do you organize your junk drawer?

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  1. When I get in the right mood, I get to organize my stuff, too, and when I do it, it feels therapeutic. But, after how many days, the state of my things will be back to havoc again. LOL.
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