OvaCue Fertility Monitor | All for Love Sponsor Spotlight

1x1.trans OvaCue Fertility Monitor | All for Love Sponsor Spotlight

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor is a saliva-based electronic fertility monitor that can predict your ovulation date up to seven days in advance by measuring the changes in the electrolyte concentration of your saliva.

Also available is a vaginal1x1.trans OvaCue Fertility Monitor | All for Love Sponsor Spotlight monitor which measures the electrolyte levels of your cervical mucus. This vaginal sensor will track trends in your hormone levels which will allow the monitor to identify the estrogen surge that occurs just prior to ovulation and the subsequent shift from estrogen dominance to progesterone dominance that occurs at the time of ovulation.


The OvaCue is perfect for all women with regular or irregular cycles.





The FDA-cleared OvaCue Fertility Monitor has been clinically proven to be 98.3% accurate in monitoring ovulation in studies sponsored by the National Institute of Health. Simply place a spoon-sized sensor on your tongue for five seconds each morning and the Ovacue will automatically record your fertile status for the day. The OvaCue tracks the readings in memory and indicates your most fertile days in an easy-to-read, color-coded calendar. OvaCue users also have access to OvaGraph, an online charting tool that can be used to graph your OvaCue readings, store an unlimited number of cycles, and much more.

Irregular cycles was one of my problems. I would shift from 26 to 29 day cycles. I was always calculating my most fertile day wrong… but I did not realize this until I started charting my cycle with the OvaCue Fertility Monitor.

You need to start using the OvaCue Fertility Monitor beginning on Cycle Day 2 (CD 2), and no later than Cycle Day 4 (CD 4).  I used both the oral and the vaginal sensors. Immediately it was plain and simple to understand due to the color coded calendar customized to my cycle days.

Not only do you have the color coded calendar on the monitor, but there are much more charting options available online and all for free.

You have the option to chart:

  • OvaCue MonitorReadings(Oral &      Vaginal)
  • Basal Body Temperature
  • Ovulation Prediction Kit      Readings
  • Ferning Test
  • Home Pregnancy TestReadings
  • Cervical Mucus Details
  • Cervical Position
  • Cervical Firmness
  • Menstruation Details

I am happy to say that I love the OvaCue Fertility Monitor. It is so easy to use and I loved going online to keep track of my charts.

Below is my chart from this last month.  One problem I had was that I always used the vaginal monitor at night.  The problem with that is that I am a night owl and sometimes the reading would be after midnight and therefore post as the following day.  This happened for me on cycle day 14 and I didn’t realize it so when I took my “next day” reading it erased the previous reading.  This was important to me because the previous reading was a high reading that produced a pink (ovulation) box.

1x1.trans OvaCue Fertility Monitor | All for Love Sponsor Spotlight

The support at Fairhaven Health has been great.  I was able to have someone look over my readings and I was given the following information:

It looks like the monitor detected your ‘cue peak’ trend on CD 6 (with a high oral reading followed by two lower readings) and then populated out your fertile window. Once in your fertile window, the monitor begins to look closely at your vaginal readings. As ovulation is approaching, we expect to see your vaginal readings declining (as estrogen is increasing) and then once ovulation occurs, you’ll see a vaginal rise and then we expect to see continued elevated vaginal readings.

Your vaginal readings are currently on the decline (which is actually pretty early for a 29 day cycle). You’ll want to watch this. If your vaginal readings continue to drop, you’ll want to consider yourself in your most fertile window! Because your seeing such an early decline, you may see an early pink box. If you receive the pink box soon, let me know. It might be a pre-ovulation fluctuation. After the pink box, to confirm ovulation, you’ll want to see continued elevated vaginal readings. . . .if they decline again after the pink box, then I’d encourage you to still consider yourself in your fertile window, as the purple box may appear!

Fairhaven Health sells not only the monitor but sells tons of fertility supplements, trying to conceive products and ‘products for him’ like supplements and Sperm Tests.

I was also provided the FertilAid supplements to help regulate my cycle.  The great thing about these supplements is that they also include a prenatal vitamin, so you don’t have to take extra pills.  I have been taking these supplements for a few months now and my cycle seems to be getting more regular.

Fairhaven Health really has everything you will ever need for trying to conceive and there is no reason to go elsewhere.

The OvaCue fertility monitor is available through Fairhaven Health and retails for $249. They also sell the OvaCue monitor bundled with the Vaginal Sensor for $329.  You can enter to win the OvaCue Bundle in my All for Love prize package that will be available February 1st – 7th!

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  2. My favorite feature is it tracks the readings in memory and indicates your most fertile days in an easy-to-read, color-coded calendar. It is a hassle to use a thermometer and remember what the temperature was by the time I get to the computer to enter it!

  3. I like that they also provide supplements to help your body be as healthy as possible to “prepare” for that big moment.

  4. my favorite feature is The Ovacue tracks the readings in memory and indicates your most fertile days in an easy-to-read, color-coded calendar

  5. I am currently using the ovacue monitor oral and vaginal. The problem I have is why my vaginal reading is showing 1 and 2 only, what does this mean, can someone help me?

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