Rockin’ Green Sponsor Spotlight and Giveaway

1x1.trans Rockin Green Sponsor Spotlight and Giveaway

Rockin’ Green is anaward-winning manufacturer of eco-friendly cleaning products designed to makecleaning easier and greener. Most well-known for their clean-rinsing laundrydetergent formulated for use on all fabrics and especially useful on clothdiapers, Rockin’ Green produces detergents for hard, soft and normal waterconditions (known as Hard, Soft and Classic Rock varieties).

Rockin’ Green also carriesFunk Rock, a first-of-its kind natural ammonia bouncer, and Melody, anodor-neutralizer and air freshener home spray. With the exception of Funk Rock,all products come in seven natural scents, such as Mighty Mighty Marshmallow,Earth Wind & Orchids, Rage Against the Raspberry, and Bare Naked Babies(unscented).
Rockin’ Green was foundedin 2009 by Kim Webb, an avid cloth diapering mom who desired a better way toclean cloth diapers and treat her kid’s sensitive skin.

We have been cloth diapering Monkey Girl since she wasborn.  When I started looking into clothdiapering I was intimidated by all of the things I had to avoid when I waswashing them.  I was introduced to Rockin’Green towards the beginning of our journey and am so glad I was.

Rockin’ Green gets my cloth diapers clean every time.  If they get super stinky I just “rock thesoak” and they come out smelling nice and fresh.  I was initially worried about the scents inthe detergent.  We have used “free andclear” detergent for years now and the thought of having anything of MonkeyGirl’s smelling like anything other than baby really worried me.  Luckily the scent in Rockin’ Green’sdetergent makes it so that your laundry room smells amazing while the diapersare being washed yet doesn’t stick to the fabric once the wash is over.

Rockin’ Green is a sponsor for my giveaway package for theMerry Fluffy Christmas giveaway event that I will be participating in December1-5!

1x1.trans Rockin Green Sponsor Spotlight and Giveaway

Can’t wait that long to get your hands on some of thisawesome detergent?  Enter below to win apre-event giveaway of a bag of the detergent of your choice.

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  1. I think I would want the Lavender Mint Revivial. So far, I like all of them but the Motley Clean.

  2. I'd pick Rage Against the Raspberries! :)

  3. I love the Earth, Wind, and Orchids

  4. Baby and the Chi's says:

    I would choose Bare Naked Babies (unscented). Unfortunately, all the scents of theirs I've already tried smell like ammonia to me. But I love their detergent :)

    gothickornchic at gmail dot com

  5. rage against the raspberry
    tannis_z at excite dot com

  6. Mama on a Green Mission says:

    Motley Clean

  7. Heather M says:

    Rage Against the Raspberries in Classic rock!

    hmahan_0529@yahoo dot com

  8. Smashing watermelons.

  9. Charis's Mum says:

    Classic rock smashing watermelons
    mummytocharis at yahoo dot com

  10. oooops! I posted the wrong url in my tweet box. Here is the right one.!/BabyGivesGalore/status/133936556426805248

    Kristen Bobbitt

  11. I would choose Rage Against the Raspberry in hard rock if I won

    graceink at yahoo dot com

  12. Rage against the raspberries danaahudson at gmail dot com

  13. I'd pick Lavender Mint Revival! Thanks!

  14. I would pick Bare Naked Babies!

  15. anji beane says:

    omg – Best name of scent totally goes to Rage Against the Raspberry, but I'd choose Motley Clean foe sure

  16. adore the scent # Earth, Wind & Orchids-
    sounds nice and earthy.
    thanks for the great giveaway too
    dayleb at telus dot net

  17. Maria Ivey says:

    Mighty Mighty Marshmallow

  18. Jan Messali says:

    Rage Against the Raspberries.

  19. tubbytelly at gmail dot com says:

    Bare Naked Babies

  20. Lavender Mint Revival!

    amy d

    asd42116 at yahoo dot com

  21. FromFurrin says:

    Cool giveaway. Thanks. I'd pick the Mötley Cleän scent or the Earth, Wind & Orchids. Such cute names.
    fromfurrin at gmail dot com

  22. I'd try the Classic Rockin Bundle Remix.

  23. Rage Against the Raspberries in hard rock
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  24. id get rage against the raspberries

  25. Attila & Tamara says:

    I'd choose Smashing Watermelons

  26. Attila & Tamara says:

    I'd choose Smashing Watermelons

  27. Montley clean. I am a non scented detergent fan.

  28. I prefer unscented clothes, so I'd choose Bare Naked Babies — but the Earth Wind and orchids sounds yummy!

  29. I would choose bare naked babies. we all have sensitive skin in our house :)

  30. not sure if the tweet showed up,
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  31. Either Smashing Watermelons or Rage Against the Raspberries. I love them both!
    tvpg at aol dot com

  32. I would choose the Classic Rock

  33. Mrs.Smitty says:

    I'd LOVE to try the Earth, Wind & Orchids Scent!
    rasmith0506 at gmail dot com

  34. DealiriousMama says:

    Classic Rock Smashing Watermelons would be awesome
    childrenteachingmama at gmail dot com

  35. jdeemarie says:

    Earth, Wind, and Orchids sounds like an interesting scent – it'd be nice to try.

    Jodi J

  36. Sarah Hull says:

    I love Motley Clean in Hard Rock!

  37. orangefukurou says:

    I would love to have the Smashing Watermelons scent

  38. Christina says:

    Bare Naked!

    cmcosman at

  39. Earth, Wind and Orchids in Hard Rock :0)

  40. Kate Barnt says:

    I'd choose bare naked babies

  41. Smashing watermelons

  42. Boise Wiebers says:

    I want to try their Holiday Seasonal scent.

  43. lavender mint revival would be my choice please and thanks :)

  44. I'd choose bare naked.

  45. Earth, Wind, and Orchids in classic rock

  46. erlisha steadman says:

    Lavender mint or the holiday scent

  47. ClothDiaperClub says:

    I would definitely choose lavendar mint revival!

  48. I'd pick bare naked babies because nothing smell better than my baby! (in a clean dipe) :) -Sharon M

  49. I'd just go with Barenaked Babies.

  50. I would choose smashing watermelons!

  51. Jessica K. says:

    I'd choose Bare Naked Babies – LO has a super sensitive bum.

  52. I'd love to try Earth, Wind, and Orchids.

  53. LindaHnub says:

    Lavender Mint Revivial -linda hawes

  54. ticklemetiffyyyy says:

    I would choose bare naked babies
    ticklemetiffy at gmail dot com

  55. I would love to try the Lavender Mint Revival.It's always sold out when I try to buy it. GRR.

  56. Bare Naked Babies scent!

    ~Terri Babin

  57. Aileen Wiesner says:

    Smashing Watermelons!

  58. I would choose Lavender Mint Revival in the Hard Rock formula!

  59. Such creative names! This post was very helpful, as I am a little nervous about the washing of cloth diapers.

  60. amymccarty1985 says:

    I would like no sent or naked babies best! :D

  61. bare naked babies!

  62. I'd pick Rage Against the Raspberries :) ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  63. Kelsie Harris says:

    I would love to try Earth, Wind, & Orchids.


  64. Love Smashing Watermelons!

  65. hard rock in bare naked babies

    debbie m
    dmorettti1967 at yahoo dot com

  66. Rage against the raspberry

  67. MamaHunfy says:

    I'd choose mighty mighty marshmallow!


  68. I would choose lavender mint or try hot apple cider

  69. I would choose smashing watermelons.

  70. Lavendar mint revival

  71. Lavender Mint Revival or Bare Naked :)

  72. I would choose the barenaked

  73. I love the unscented, bare naked babies.

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