Sun & Earth Sponsor Spotlight #greengiveaway

1x1.trans Sun & Earth Sponsor Spotlight #greengiveaway
About the Company

Thefounders of Sun & Earth set out to prove that non-toxic cleaners can cleanas well or better than more well-known national brands. We knew people wantedproducts made with non-toxic ingredients that didn’t sacrifice performance.After extensive research, we developed cleaners made from coconut and orangeoils that clean and shine beautifully and have an appealing fresh citrus scent.

Sun& Earth formulated cleaners for people sensitive to the harsh chemicalsfound in most national brands. Our satisfied customers told their friends aboutSun & Earth and now we are a leading brand of safe, natural, non-toxiccleaning products.

Sun& Earth does not compromise performance for the sake of being green.  Their laundry and cleaning products work aswell as, or better than, leading national brands at removing grease, dirt,stains and odors.

Theirproducts are made with your family’s health in mind.  All our laundry products and cleaningproducts are free of petroleum based cleaners, chlorine, phosphates, dyes andperfumes that leave behind residue that could be harmful to your family,children and pet’s health.

Inaddition to being safe for you and your family, Sun & Earth products aresafe for the environment.  They use thelatest technology to create cleaning agents from plant, fruit and vegetableoils that are non-toxic to your family and safe for the Earth.

Sun & Earth is a small US company that has made it theirmission to provide healthy alternatives to those “big-box” companies that sell petro-chemicals withmysterious names.  They do so by beingthe natural brand for everyone!  Theirproducts are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, eco-friendly and the price is right.

Aboutthe Products

Sun& Earth is generously offering three different products to one lucky winnerduring the Go Green Event.  Sun & Earth offers household cleaners, laundry products, dish products, personal products and cleaning accessories.  For the giveaway they are offering the following items:

1x1.trans Sun & Earth Sponsor Spotlight #greengiveaway

1x1.trans Sun & Earth Sponsor Spotlight #greengiveaway

22 oz. Sun & Earth Xtra DishLiquid

1x1.trans Sun & Earth Sponsor Spotlight #greengiveaway

22 oz. Sun & Earth AllPurpose Cleaner

Ifyou want to buy some for yourself, Sun & Earth products are availablelocally throughout the northeastern part of the U.S. as well as,,,, andothers.  Come back to Coping with Frugality for the Go Green Giveaway Event from October 5-11 and enter to win not only one of these great products, but products from other sponsors as well in my Going Green in the Kitchen package.

About Amanda

Amanda Larson is a mother, wife, lawyer and aspiring cook. She truly believes that you can live green and eat well while sticking to a budget. Through her posts she shares her tips on how she does it!


  1. These are all great items! I would love to go green in my kitchen because I have three little ones and my twins are now mobile and getting into everything! So aside from worrying about what I'm cleaning their dishes and household surfaces with, I worry about what might spill or what they might reach up on the counter.

  2. Mama Chocolate says:

    I worry about what ends up in our food after using yucky cleaners in my kitchen.

  3. I want safe and natural products that are not harmful to the environment

  4. rescueweims says:

    Safe products for my kids!

  5. Lori Thomas says:

    with a lil one & food yucky chemicals are not good!!

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  7. I don't want any toxic chemicals near my food or my kid!

  8. now that i have to take care of a child i'm worried about food contamination and sanitation.. but i wouldn't want to expose her to the nasty cleaning fumes either so definitely green is the way to go!

  9. i want to go green in my kitchen because of my 3 year old grandson….he needs to be safe from toxins & chemicals when he is at our home!

  10. I want to go green in the kitchen because I don't want more chemicals getting in my food than are already there! I am trying to eat more local, unprocessed foods.

  11. I don't want chemicals in my kitchen and around my food.

  12. It is safer and eco friendly

  13. I want to go green in the kitchen because it's an important area of our home and where we are submitted to so many chemicals

  14. Its bad enough I have to worry about what is on my food but I want to know that after it's been washed, I can set it o the counter and not have to worry about what my cleaner has left behind!
    tvpg at aol dot com

  15. Sarah Hull says:

    I want to go green in the kitchen, because I don't want to have to worry about what else is getting into our families foods! Now that my son also wants to “help” in the kitchen, I don't want him to be exposed to any extra chemicals through what he's touching – whether it's the counter, the floor or our utensils!

  16. amymccarty1985 says:

    So there wont be any chemical near my childs or my own food.

  17. Awesome products! I'd love to try the all purpose cleaner.

  18. Even though there are no children around I don't like anything that is dangerous around our food.


  19. Michele P. says:

    I already use them, they don't cause a migraine… I am chemical sensitive so definitely want to go greener with more products in the kitchen to avoid migraines.

  20. i'm trying to switch to greener cleaning products
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  21. I am trying to go green in my kitchen (and with other household cleaning) because we have a well and I worry about chemicals leaching into our drinking water.

  22. I really want to go green in my kitchen because I feel like using chemical cleaners can be so dangerous with all the food around. I also really hate all the waste we create using disposable products, so I want to go green in the kitchen by using all reusable products, as well.
    glass.stephanie at gmail dot com

  23. Jessica Peeling says:

    I feel like the animals and our family would be better off not breathing in the chemicals or having it near the food..also we put the chemicals under the sink, so although we don't have small children, our pets are smart enough to open cupboards!

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