Bella Bottoms #ClothDiaper Review

Bella Bottoms began in 2000 when there were very few options regarding cloth diapers. Since then, they have helped diaper thousands of babies each year!  Despite their success, Bella Bottoms cloth diapers are still lovingly and carefully made one-by-one in the USA.  Their work’mom’ship is 100% guaranteed. If any problem with any of their products should ever arise due to manufacture defect, you can send it back for a repair, replacement or a refund!

We have been having a hard time cloth diapering Monkey Girl at night.  She moves around so much and had been leaking almost every night.  I finally gave up and started using disposable diapers.  I contacted Bella Bottoms and they recommended their hemp and bamboo velour diapers with a cover and generously sent me one to try!  I don’t think that you will find hemp diapers softer than these! They are constructed with 1 thirsty layer of earth-friendly 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton velour on the inside and a layer of organic hemp/cotton fleece on the outside. These diapers contain an internally sewn thirsty 2-layer hemp/ bamboo soaker PLUS an additional snap-in doubler! Bella Bottoms hemp-bamboo velour diapers feature:

Unique fold-down snaps, so your diaper grows as your baby does. Bella Bottoms have 3 rise settings for a great fit for any baby!  Monkey Girl is still on the smallest setting so this will clearly fit her through potty training!

1x1.trans Bella Bottoms #ClothDiaper Review

Wooly Nylon serging for maximum strength and softness.

Soft stretchy Lastin elastic in the legs and waist for a great fit and superb leak protection

1x1.trans Bella Bottoms #ClothDiaper Review

Prewashed fabric to minimize shrinkage and fading

Top quality fabrics and work‘mom’ship by a mom who values your convenience and your baby’s comfort above all else. Made in the USA.

Bella Bottoms covers are so awesome! They fit well over any fitted diaper, pinned diaper, or prefold. PLUS, they now have an opening inside so you can even use them as pocket diapers! They are made a layer of premium 2mm PUL on the outside and a layer of stay-dry butter suede on the inside. Bella Bottoms covers feature:

4 sets of side snaps at the waist and 4 sets of leg snaps for superior fit and comfort.  It did take me a while to master using the cover since it is a different system than I am used to.  But once I got it down it was really quite easy.

1x1.trans Bella Bottoms #ClothDiaper Review

Soft stretchy Lastin elastic all the way around the waist and leg openings for the best possible leak protection and fit WITHOUT the red marks some other covers leave on your baby. These are designed to fit over ALL the major diaper brands!  Superb design and construction. Bella Bottoms covers are sewn, turned, and top stitched for maximum durability and the most reliable performance.

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  1. Double liners.

  2. Right now I use itti bitti AIO's size med and itti bitti snap in ones.

  3. I like to use a fitted with a wool cover for nights.

  4. orangefukurou says:

    I use hemp insert for night time

  5. We're not fully cloth diapering yet so I don't have any great advice. Looking forward to reading the others though so I'll know!

  6. Right now I am using fitteds inside wool longies. Works great!

  7. Just Add Cloth says:

    Right now i use quadruple stuffed pocket diapers for over night.

  8. a fitted diaper w/ 3 soakers, an extra hemp insert, and a wool cover :)

  9. tubbytelly at gmail dot com says:

    I double stuff and have recently invested in hemp liners and diapers. I also have wool covers I have not tried yet.

  10. Fiddlin' Dandi says:

    I usually use a Rumparooz G2 with an extra hemp doubler

  11. Anonymous says:

    double the liners

    annae07 at aol dot com

  12. Baby and the Chi's says:

    Right now we use a Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold (size 2) wrapped inside a kite-folded flat, with a wool cover. Soon we'll hopefully be able to try out some of Bugga Bugga Boutique's Serene Slumber fitteds :)

    Samantha Cuhel
    gothickornchic at gmail dot com

  13. Mama Chocolate says:

    My favorite right now is my Happy Heinys pocket diaper for nighttime.
    We also use Thirsties covers with prefolds and sometimes a fleece cover over that.

  14. We JUST had to change our night-time solution. We now stuff a FuzziBunz with two SweetPea bamboo inserts and one Hemp Babies Little Weeds.

    ayakers (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. For a nighttime, when our twins arrive only three months away. I have been thinking of using Kawaii heavy duty pocket when we start cloth diapering them.

  16. Green Lifestyle Consulting says:

    We use a perfect-size (Medium) FuzziBunz with two hemp liners and one regular liner

  17. For nighttime we use a fitted (tirsties duo b/c that is the only one we own) with a hemp booster and a cover (zookies cover)
    schramm.j at gmail dot com

  18. Our solution has been hemp! Either 2 hemp inserts or a thirsties duo with a hemp booster or a babkicks 3g diaper.

  19. A fitted under wool…bulletproof!

    Carolyn H
    graceink at yahoo dot com

  20. Christina says:

    I'm new to CD so I'm still working out a solution for my heavy wetting son. I have one Kawaii Baby “goodnight heavy wetter” diaper, which has worked pretty well so far, but is super bulky. I'd like to try a fitted with wool cover.

  21. I don't have any issues with cloth diapering overnight, as my LO is too little as of yet, to soak through even a NB insert :) – krystyl olson

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  23. I stuff a pocket diaper with an old prefold, and then I add an extra large Motherease cover on top of that so if it wicks at all, it won't get her PJs or the bed wet.

  24. We double stuff our pockets – but we have been lucky that our daughter isn't a very heavy wetter (yet?). Not sure what my solution will be if she becomes one! scrane @ videotron . ca

  25. Heather M says:

    Hemp and Bamboo inserts in diapers

    hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

  26. younglionmother says:

    I use AMP duo pocket with a 3 layer hemp insert for night. The only thing that works!
    m.katherine.davies at gmail dot com

  27. I love wool covers over flat-wrapped prefold! Super leak-proof and cute!

  28. i use a rumparooz with both inserts.
    quietct at gmail dot com

  29. Our night time solution keeps changing.. but right now I usually use a prefold with a happy heiny's stuffins. seems to be working well.

  30. I use a BG 4.0 stuffed with a flip organic insert and a joey bunz hemp insert. I have a 5 month old who still nurses 2-4 times a night and this keeps her dry by morning.

  31. Waterproof mattress pad and frequent checks!

  32. Domestic Diva says:

    We double up on the inserts.

  33. I guess double liners

  34. prefold with insert in pocket danaahudson at

  35. I'm new to cloth diapering, and still haven't received my first order of diapers yet in the mail! So we use disposable diapers.

  36. Most nights we use a Happy Hempy with a hemp and a micro-terry insert in a thirsties duo wrap. But I have a couple fitteds to go into the rotation as well. ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  37. With my toddler I tend to use one of his Fuzzibunz or my Bee Changed Diaper for over night. With my little 2 month old I like to use her SunBaby with 2 inserts one of the inserts is infent insert which is very very absorbent.
    Melynda Rainsbarger
    ranchlamb @ peoplepc dot com

  38. Anonymous says:
    I haven't actually started cloth diapering yet

  39. We haven't figured out a solution yet. At the moment we're trying out Fuzzibuns OS with extra bamboo doubler.

  40. Anonymous says:

    expecting our first in january, so i dont have any experience with thisyet, but am enjoying reading the other responses.
    nikkiperry84 at yahoo dot com

  41. Baby hasn't been born yet, but I'm thinking hemp or bamboo soakers.

    jsapalio at yahoo dot com

  42. Rebecca O says:

    We use 2 hemp inserts in a pocket diaper. It MUST be a pocket! Thanks for the chance. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  43. I use Fuzzibunz with an extra hemp doubler!

  44. I am totally embarrassed to say that we haven't found a solution for nighttime diapering yet… we still use Huggies overnights, even though our babies are in cloth all day, even when we go out! I just haven't figured out the nights in cloth yet!

  45. Right now we are using an eco friendly sposie. My ds gets a rash if we use anything other :( We use cloth at all other time though

  46. Right now it's not much of an issue since dd is potty trained for the most part except for overnight (but she is no longer a heavy wetter!). We used to use a fitted with a wool cover and never had a problem with leaks!
    tvpg at aol dot com

  47. I still use disposables at night :( I need a solution!!

  48. Retro ReDesign says:

    I have not started CD yet – as my first is on the way! I will need a good solution though. I have mostly heard – that wool covers are great!
    larajarrette at gmail dot com

  49. Our plan is hemp boosters — but baby is still on his way :)

  50. For nighttime we use a fitted and wool.

  51. myricksl6 says:

    We our new to cloth and plan to try it with our baby on the way so we are still researching all of the possibilities!
    myricksl6 at hotmail dot com

  52. I use two bamboo inserts for night time. Works well for me.

  53. A prefold stuffed pocket with a wool cover -Sharon M

  54. amymccarty1985 says:

    Double inserts usually works or change once in the night if needed.

  55. Double insert work for me. I hope I win because money is really tight right now!! *fingers crossed*

  56. Samantha Jenkins says:

    I use a pocket and double stuff. That gets us through the night without leaks!

  57. We use hemp fitteds with either a wool or fleece cover.

  58. Vanessa Coker says:

    “Pocket” fitteds with zorb insert and cover! leak proof for sure.

  59. Either the 3pli insert from Applecheeks in a pocket or a Sbish fitted under wool!

  60. Anonymous says:

    We currently use a sposie at night… Star K

  61. OS pocket diaper double stuffed. My son is 3 and is starting to have night time leaks. Going to be trying hemp for the first time next week.

    Bridgett zaidi
    princessbridgett at hotmail dot com

  62. Holly Wilson says:

    My daughter is potty-trained now but was never a heavy wetter. We just double-stuffed a pocket diaper, and I have no idea what we'll do for the baby on the way. But this sounds like a great option to try!

  63. Extra inserts.

  64. damiesmom says:

    i use a bamboo prefold and a cotton prefold with an applecheeks diaper and we are good to go!
    damiesmom at ymail dot com

  65. Lots of hemp inserts! weezermcdoo at gmail dot com

  66. I am just switching to cloth so looking for advice!

  67. I haven't had experience yet since my baby is duein December but I really want to start cloth diapering for her and I'd probably double up on the sheets if possible for nighttime use.

  68. We used to use NN heavy doody diapers and wool for overnight with extra inserts but I haven't been able to afford to replace them since our stash loss so we are in sposies at night….I HATE it!
    sabrina radke
    sradke1024 at gmail dot com

  69. Kristina S says:

    We use the same pockets we use during the day, not working so great trying to find something else
    klsiegler at gmail dot com

  70. I'm barely venturing into the world of cloth diapering, so I'm afraid that I can't be any help yet. But hopefully I'll have a few new ideas soon!

  71. I either use a Tiny Tush diaper and stuff it twice or I use Thirsties duo wraps and add extra liners!

  72. Right now, we are using a prefold and a joey bunz premium inside a Thirsties cover. I would love to find a soft fitted to use though!
    beadsidemyself at gmail dot com

  73. Owen's Mom says:

    I usually double up with one microfiber and one hemp liner
    andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

  74. ticklemetiffyyyy says:

    For my heavy wetting toddler I use an old school stuffable Piddle Poddle, stuffed with a hemp prefold and using the lay in liners that it came with. For my 9 month old I use a Dreameze and throw in a fleece liner for extra protection since shes getting older and sometimes has a leaky morning.
    ticklemetiffy at gmail dot com

  75. coleycoupons says:

    we use a rumparooz… we love them!

  76. I only have a couple good night time dipes otherwise i double the inserts

  77. Extra inserts

  78. I use a cover with a flip stay dry insert and a bum genius microfiber insert or flip organic insert with a flip stay dry/bum genius microfiber insert

    serenityspeaks at ymail dot com

  79. We so brilliantly love wool covers for night time cloth diapering. Thanks so very much for this wonderful giveaway! : )


  80. I use a Kawaii with an overnight or regular insert plus a hemp insert. Works great so far!

  81. jdeemarie says:

    Thankfully my little one no longer wets heavily at night, so we can use just about any pocket diaper in our stash (he sleeps better with a stay-dry fabric, though.

    Jodi J

  82. Sarah Hull says:

    I use a BG 3.0 pocket with the microfiber insert on top on a joey bunz hemp insert.

  83. 2flip inserts in a best bottom cover or fleece cover

  84. Charis's Mum says:

    I use prefolds [bamboo] with wool or fleece for night time.
    Sarah Jane

  85. Jesse mommy of four says:

    I use sbish magic diapers overnight with a thirsties duo Cover. They work but I'm really looking for a stay dry option because my son wake up as soon as he wets.

  86. pish posh applesauce AIO — DD is only 3 months so much lighter in the wetting dept than say a 2 YO

  87. Maria Ivey says:

    My DD is only 3 months old and nursing every 3 hours even at night. For right now I am just changing her diaper before each feeding. However, she is a heavy wetter and we'll need a nighttime solution once she starts sleeping longer during the night. I'm thinking a fitted under a wool cover.

  88. Currently I use an itti bitti AIO, some itti bitti SIO, and prefolds with a Rumparooz one size cover.

  89. I use a pocket diaper stuffed with a prefold diaper, then a fleece cover on top.

  90. erlisha steadman says:

    BG 4.0 microfiber insert, thirsties hemp insert

  91. ClothDiaperClub says:

    Our biggest night time issue was puddles in the bed. Since we've been using wool, that hasn't been an issue. LOVE wool! If he's had a really bad rash, we put a cloth liner in his night time diaper and coat him up with BagBalm to heal it over night.

  92. I'm embarrassed to admit that my twins still wear Huggies Overnights at night. >.< Apparently I need something like this to help me figure out a cloth solution that works!

  93. My nighttime solution is a fitted diaper with Monkey Snuggles longies!

  94. Jessica K. says:

    Right now I'm having to triple stuff a pocket diaper but I hate it. This looks like it would be great.

  95. Right now for Night we just use either our BG pockets or our RumpaRooz Pockets but I'd LOVE to try Fitteds/Covers for night, I've heard this is a great solution.

  96. LindaHnub says:

    Fitted and wool soaker -linda hawes

  97. Wool over a SBISH fitted.

  98. Under The Nile Fitted w/Thirsties cover.

    ~Terri Babin

  99. Aileen Wiesner says:

    I use a BG 4.0 with both inserts and a hemp babies doubler.

  100. These look so cute and comfy on your monkey girl :). Would love to try these on our baby boy when he arrives. Especially for night time!

  101. amymccarty1985 says:

    Best night time diaper solution for us is 2 unbleached cotton prefolds with a fleece or wool cover over top.

  102. We have a couple night-time options, but my favorite is a Happy Hempy with a microfiber and hemp insert inside a Thirsties Duo Wrap. ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  103. Kelsie Harris says:

    For night time, I usually use an Indian prefold with a flat trifolded inside of it or a Kawaii Pure & Natural pocket diaper with two microfiber inserts. Either works great.


  104. We currently use hemp fitteds with fleece or PUL covers. Hemp is a must have for nights!

  105. I like to use a fitted with a wool or fleece cover for night time

    debbie m

    dmoretti1967 at yahoo dot com

  106. I use a goodmama fitted and either a Gen-Y cover or a Blueberry Coverall

  107. At night I use super thick fitted inside wool longies.

  108. Right now I use a osocozy premium prefold (newspaper fold) with a hemp doubler under a flips cover.

  109. I have a small insert that I add to my Charlie Banana diaper, and I think it's microfiber. It's really thin. It came with another diaper, but the manufacturer wasn't clear about what it was made of! I know this isn't very useful… :)

  110. We just double stuff our bumgenius now, but I would love to try the wool

  111. Our current solution is hemp prefolds with a thirsties duo cover. I can see where we need more absorbancy, so I will be hunting for another solution.

  112. we use disposables right now b/c my son sleeps such long nights that he gets a rash. but when he was younger, a pocket stuffed w/MF insert and a hemp insert worked

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