Nomie’s 3 Monsters Review

1x1.trans Nomies 3 Monsters Review
 About the Company

Nomie is the owner and mother behind Nomie’s 3 Monsters.  Actually, her given name is Naomi, but she’s not really fond of that name and has had this nickname since the beginning of high school (about 10 years) that it just stuck.  She lives in Wisconsin along the Mississippi River, but hates the cold!  She is a Southern girl at heart.  She loves grits, fried chicken, and sunny 90-degree weather!  Nomie is married to my First Love. I’ve known him for 10 years; we’ve been married for 3 (March 12, 2007 is when we got married).

Nomie is a stay at home mom who has 3 kids: Madison who is 5 and is a little momma to her younger siblings and a diva who screams around bugs; Mason who is 2 years old and is very independent and likes to fix everything himself; and Morgan who is 1 year old and loves to eat anything you put in front of her!

She hand makes and sells so many amazing items through her website (bibs, clothes, hair accessories, ties and SO MUCH MORE!)

About the Product

Nomie made Monkey Girl a beautiful pillowcase dress.  These dresses are incredibly versatile and can be worn as a shirt as your child grows. It had already gotten cold here when we got the dress, but you can pair them with leggings and/or a shirt underneath and create a whole new look.  The bottom of the dress has a brown band to give it a little more contrast. It is simply beautiful!  She takes pride in her work so the seams are French seam-finished.  This dress holds up very well to laundering.

1x1.trans Nomies 3 Monsters Review
About Amanda

Amanda Larson is a mother, wife, lawyer and aspiring cook. She truly believes that you can live green and eat well while sticking to a budget. Through her posts she shares her tips on how she does it!


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