Chic Alaskan Jewelry review

1x1.trans Chic Alaskan Jewelry review

Amie is the owner of Chic Alaskan, a wonderful jewelry shop in Soldotna Alaska.  Thanks to the great world wide web, you can now find her amazing products no matter where you live.  She sells her products on her Etsy shop, and you can learn about specials and everything else she has going on through her facbook page.

She sent me a beautiful necklace to review.  We have never met, so I was interested to see what she made for me.  All she asked me was for a few colors that I like.  I told her I wear silver/white gold jewelry and that I have been wearing a lot of pink and purple to work lately.  I wanted something that I could wear to work and court.  Something that would be modern and chic, yet professional.  Amy delivered on all levels!!

1x1.trans Chic Alaskan Jewelry review
I wish I could have taken a better picture to truly do the necklace justice.  She has much better pictures of her current items up on her Etsy shop.
1x1.trans Chic Alaskan Jewelry review
 I tried to get artsy with this picture.


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