Heather Berries Sponsor Spotlight for A Blogtastic Extravaganza!!

1x1.trans Heather Berries Sponsor Spotlight for A Blogtastic Extravaganza!!

Heather Berries is offering a gift certificate as part of the Going Green to Pamper Yourself prize package!

Heather Berries is an Etsy shop that makes some of the cutest soaps I have ever seen! They also sell organic lotions, vegan lip balm, bubble bath, and a dozen other items.

I was lucky enough to get to try the lotion, lip balm, and a strawberry bath bomb. They are all amazing. The only problem is that they smell so much like the fruits that they make my hungry!!

Wendy, the amazing woman behind Heather Berries also has a candle shop on Etsy called Snicker Doodles Creations, and an Ebay store. She is a single parent of three (one girl and two boys) all teenagers now.

She has always been a very crafty person. Wendy found life very exhausting, trying to juggle kids, a full time job and part time on the weekend, and just burnt out!  Well, to make a long story short , her and the kids decided one year to make all their holiday gifts, and they have been going strong ever since!  She now works from home and is able to be there for her children (who still work with her in the shop).


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Amanda Larson is a mother, wife, lawyer and aspiring cook. She truly believes that you can live green and eat well while sticking to a budget. Through her posts she shares her tips on how she does it!

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