One Size Cloth Diaper Event

Chari at Take Time to Smell the Rose has a great event going on this month, the One Size Cloth Diaper Event. I am really excited to learn about different brands of cloth diapers and what does and doesn’t work for different people.

I posted a few months ago, in Raising Baby Green: Cloth Diapers, that we plan to use cloth diapers (our first child is due at the end of May). There are just so many benefits to using cloth versus disposable diapers. I love the idea of one size cloth diapers (you don’t have to keep buying them as the baby grows) but I often wonder how well they actually work. Do they really fit all sizes? What about newborns? Lucky for me, Chari is going to be answering a bunch of those questions for me as well as providing reviews on multiple different types of diapers, AND offering giveaways!! Check out her great event.

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  1. We used cloth diapers for both our girls except when we traveled. It saved so much money and we didn't add a couple thousand plastic diaper to the landfill.

    I don't remember the brand we used, but got them at target. Of course that was 19 years ago…..

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