Menu Plan Monday: June 29

1x1.trans Menu Plan Monday: June 29
Well, last week went ok, but some wrenches were thrown into the works and we didn’t follow the plan perfectly. The Crock Pot Korean Ribs were so good we ate them for lunch the next day, so there were no leftovers for dinner on Thursday. Luckily court didn’t go as late as expected so we were able to grill on Thursday. Hubs had a burger and bratwurst, and I had Grilled Fiesta Shrimp from Cooking Light (it was WONDERFUL, will definitely be making it again! Was low on shrimp so I added some diced chicken breast as well.) We were supposed to grill on Friday, but I forgot that I had planned on attending our local Relay for Life that night, so it was good we grilled on Thursday, and we at at the relay on Friday. Maybe we will do better sticking with the plan this week…. 1x1.trans Menu Plan Monday: June 29

Monday: Thai Meatballs/Tater Tot Pie (incase the hubs is not a fan of the meatballs, if not it makes good lunches)
Tuesday: Eating out (have a free birthday dinner at a local restaurant that expires today!)
Wednesday: Crockpot Tofu in Peanut Sauce (I am going to use kale from the garden instead of the spinach)
Thursday: Tilapia Piccata, hopefully with tomatoes from the garden (hubs is on his own because he doesn’t eat fish, I am guessing he will BBQ)
Friday: Chicken and Pasta (I am thinking Kale Puttanesca)
Saturday: Steak on the Grill (Happy Fourth of July!)
Sunday: Leftovers

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