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In the last few years, HostGator has turned into one of the most trusted names in the game for hosting. With competitive pricing, positive customer reviews and more, everyone from individuals to business owners have been opting for the web hosting service. Here is a closer look at what the company provides, how it compares others and if it is worth the price.

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Shared Hosting

For most people, shared hosting is going to be the option that they go with. In this scenario, a lot of sites are going to be using the same server. While there is a chance that a traffic surge on one website is going to possibly affect everyone else on that server, the advantage is that it is much cheaper to go this route.

A shared hosting plan on HostGator can be purchased on a monthly basis, but people are going to save a lot of money if they go with a longer commitment. In fact, the company really pushes for a three-year term a lot of times on their website. It is the most affordable, but not everyone wants to commit for that long.

The cheapest plan for Shared Hosting is The Hatchling Plan. It is $10.95 on a monthly basis, but goes down to $2.95 per month if a longer term is signed. All plans come with unlimited disk space, data transfers, a SSL certificate and emails, but with the Hatchling plan only one domain is offered. The Baby Plan, which is $11.95 and $3.95 per month respectively, offers unlimited domains.

Finally, the business plan adds an upgrade to positive SSL, a dedicated IP and SEO tools to use at any time. That is priced at $16.95 and $5.95 per month. All three plans work as expected, provide great value and are trusted by many individuals and business owners already. Shared hosting is the best way to go for beginners. If you use our recommended best hostgator coupon you can get the first month of shared hosting for free.

VPS Web Hosting

Virtual private server hosting is designed for people who want a little bit more power for their website. There are still going to be multiple sites on one server, but it is greatly reduced compared to shared hosting.

HostGator does a very good job of offering this option for people who wants at least some of the benefits of a dedicated server. Not a lot of companies are going to offer this middle ground option, but it is great for those who are little bit budget conscious.

Overall, the value is definitely there for people who wish to have VPS web hosting. The beginner plan is called Snappy 2000, and it features 2 GB of RAM, 120 GB of disk space, 1.5 TB for transfers on a monthly basis and more for $79.95 on a monthly basis. This goes down to as low as $19.95 per month for a longer commitment. There is also the Snappy 4000 package (4 GB of RAM, 165 GB of storage and 2 TB of data transfers) and the Snappy 8000 package (8 GB of RAM, 240 GB of storage and 3 TB of data transfers) for affordable prices.

Compared to other options out there, no hosting company offers an identical type of plan. Hostwinds has a somewhat similar plan that is very well rounded in general, but they offer slightly less for RAM, disk space and data transfers. Hostwinds also offers the Windows operating system option for people who prefer that.

Dedicated Web Hosting

This is a powerful option for those who feel they have a popular enough website that it needs its own server. A ton of traffic can be handled with this hosting, but it does become pricey.

With a starting price of $119 per month, customers get 1 TB of SSD storage to use, 32 GB of RAM, unlimited data transfers and more. Hostgator really shines with offering the best bandwidth around with dedicated web hosting in Linux or Windows.

Linux is far and away the more popular option, so not everyone offers Windows. This is a big plus for those who are just more comfortable with that type of setup.

Dedicated web hosting isn’t for everyone. Businesses mostly do not need to invest in something like this until they are extremely popular.

Reseller Web Hosting

For those who might want to get into the business, Hostgator offers web hosting options for resellers. This is great for those who don’t want to set up their own infrastructure, but still want to make some money.

Plans are fairly affordable at $19.95 per month starting out. Resellers will be able to offer many of the same benefits that people get with the plans listed above. Unfortunately, there is not unlimited storage or data transfers, but they still have options.

Resllers are able to go with their own branding with every rented server, which comes in handy. The customer service with reseller web hosting is also superb. They really do a great job of setting people up who try to make a little bit of money with their own hosting. It’s a cool option that not many other hosting companies offer to the public.


Hostgator, when looking at all of their hosting options, is the web hosting company of the year. It simply offers more options than every other company out there, and they have been able to keep prices extremely affordable.

As far as pros and cons for the company overall:


More hosting plans option than any other company.
Easy to use.
Software options galore.
Virtually no downtime.
Easy to get ahold of customer service.

Lacks Windows-based VPS hosting.
Somewhat pricey on certain options.

No web hosting company is going to be perfect, but there is enough offered by HostGator to really make it stand out. The customer service and the ease of use for beginners is really the icing on the cake in most HostGator review articles. The added software is also a great bonus, because while it is easy to use, the software can help advance a website in ways that might cost additional money with other companies.

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